Best Photo Spots in and around Venice

Last week, I have shared with you our magical day – The Civil Ceremony at By The Lake. Because we wanted to always remember this event, we decided to hop on a plane and create memories for a lifetime in Italy! Looking back, we are so happy with this decision because we’ve found picture perfect spots and it also gave us the possibility to fall in love again with Venice!
I will share with you my favorite photo spots we’ve found in and around the city, plus some extra recommendations!

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Best Photo Spots in Milan

Milan may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it surely has my heart. Being at my 5-6th visit in the city, I can say it is the perfect weekend destination! And for Instagram lovers: Don’t you worry, Milan has so many picture perfect spots that will make your feed beautiful. Here I will tell you my favorites!

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The most Instagrammable places in Italy

I have said it too many times before: Italy is my favourite European country and I cannot wait to visit it again. From North to South, from East to West, there are so many amazing places to see. Whether we are talking about a popular city or a small little town, the gems of Italy will help you create amazing memories!Today I am going to share with you the most Instagrammable places in this beautiful country!

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10 places to eat in Dubai

As I promised in my previous blog, I am back with my Top 10 restaurants in Dubai. To be honest, it is very hard for me to only choose 10 places since I strongly feel like Dubai is a foodie heaven.
Our last visit in the skyscrapers city was for New Year’s Eve and it felt like a race for food. I was laughing with hubby that we’ve only visited Dubai to eat. My bestie, Oana, and her fiancé, Toufic, are the ones to blame because they live there and always send us lists with restaurants and proof that the food is delicious.

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10 Mandatory Things to do in Dubai

After my 6th or 7th visit in Dubai, it is the time to share with you the 10 activities I believe you should not miss if you ever decide to visit this amazing city. Dubai is not only about skyscrapers as the world has the tendency to believe and I am lucky enough to have experienced it with tips from people living there. Let’s get started, shall we?

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Staying in the heart of the city at Pestana Plaza Mayor Madrid

Touched down in Madrid for the fourth time two weeks ago, but this was by far the best visit I had in the city. Why? Well, Pestana Plaza Mayor Madrid made sure of that with the most amazing view of all: Plaza Mayor directly from our beautiful balcony. Wow! Just take a look and imagine waking up there!

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