About me

Meet Blonde around the World

 Hi, I am Taisia.

Beach lover, Sushi addict, Adventure seeker, Bad packer. Lawyer. Happy Fiancée. Wanderluster. Control freak. Sunsets enthusiast. Travel Blogger. Explorer. Professional dreamer.

 I am so happy that you made your way to my travel blog and I hope you are here to stay! I know you can find so many travel blogs out there and you are probably wondering why you should read this one. I won’t say it’s the best or the prettiest one, but I can assure you I will always share with you my happiness and love for traveling. But first, let’s get to know each other, shall we?

I now know I suffer from Wanderlust. A strong desire for or impulse to wander and to explore this magical world. From the smallest and simplest village to the most vibrant and cosmopolitan city. The happiness of waking up in a different place every day and breath the air of new surroundings.


27 and around the world

27 and around the world is my very own version of 27 and fabulous, which now seems like a cliché. Three years ago, I made a promise to spoil myself on every birthday with a holiday around the world. Since traveling is my biggest addiction, I figured this is the least I can do to celebrate another year of my life. That being said, I had my 25th birthday in Ibiza and partied like a rock star, my 26th in Cinqueterre and Portofino and enjoyed la dolce vita and this year, for my 27th, I chose the magical French Riviera to celebrate in style.

The man that makes my journey around the world even happier

Almost one year and a half ago, this amazing man came into my life and made sure it becomes brighter, funnier and even happier. Since we both love to travel, it wasn’t long till our adventure around the world started as well and since then we have visited many cities and countries together, to be specific 3 continents, 18 countries and more than 57 cities.

The 10 coolest things I did in 2017

When I think about 2017, I know it was my best travel year so far. With 43 flights and 13 countries, I guess it will be pretty difficult for 2018 to be better than the previous year. I love remembering our adventures around the world and today I thought I should share with you, guys, the coolest things I did in 2017. Hopefully, you will find some inspiration and start planning right away!



I am Taisia, I am 29 years old and I am afraid life will be too short to experience everything that this world has to offer. I have visited 44 countries on 4 continents till now and I have been on more than 198 flights.

I was born in a little town in Romania called Targu-Jiu and for 10 years now I have been living in the capital city, Bucharest. If you are wondering about my name, I have Russian roots from my father’s side and this is how I got it. 

I love puppies and sushi, I sing everytime I can although I am terrible at it, I cry at romantic movies and needles scare the hell out of me. I would rather skydive at anytime than getting a vaccine. Not very mature of me, I know.

In real life, I finished Law School a few years ago and now I work as a full time Criminal Lawyer. Boring, right? Just kidding, this job never allows me to be bored. I love what I do and it is such a great feeling to help people solving their legal problems, always fighting for my clients not to be prosecuted or convicted if they are truly innocent. But I feel like my role in this world shouldn’t be this small. I always feel the need for more…more exploring, more learning, more overcoming my fears every day.


To be honest, I have pictured myself working as a Lawyer ever since I was a little kid, but then I discovered my passion for traveling and something in me changed.

That is why I always find time to run away from the office and experience a new country, a new city, a new island. There are no places in this world that I don’t want to visit and I am lucky to have my fiancé, Gabriel, by my side who supports my madness and agrees with every crazy idea I have. Imagine waking up early in every holiday you have or always staring at your food or coffee till it gets cold only so you can take the right shot! Yes, he actually agrees to that! Without Him, my life and my travels won’t be the same!


He is the one that helps me with this Travel Blog and our brand new Youtube Channel because I am not a tech geek so it would be difficult for me to use all the photo and video gears that we currently have. So even though I call myself Blonde around the World we are always Together around the World trying to share all that we experience and learn with you!

My biggest dream is to wake up one day, quit my job, take my fiancé’s hand and run into the world with no plans whatsoever. Just one way ticket to the journey of our lives! And since you never know what the future holds for you, we might just get the courage any day now!


The joy of wandering tiny streets in Rome with a „gelato” in my hand, drinking tasty sangria in Barcelona, holding hands in Paris, eating delicious pizza in Naples, dancing in the rain in London, tasting wines in Tuscany or driving a convertible on the French Riviera.

The luck of having fun with friends till sunrise in Ibiza and Mykonos, seeing the sun set in the incredible Santorini, skydiving in Lisbon or seeing the world from the top in Dubai from Burj Khalifa, the tallest building of the world.

The blessing of feeding a baby elephant on an empty beach in Koh Samui, swimming with a dolphin in the Caribbean, sunbathing in the tallest pool in Singapore or taking cooking classes in Bangkok.

The opportunity of going jogging in Central Park in New York as if I would be one of the actresses in Sex and the city, hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro after trying to learn samba at the Carnival, sleeping in a water bungalow in Maldives or losing all my money in a casino in Las Vegas.