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Our itinerary in the Philippines

We are back from our long awaited trip to the Philippines and I want to share with you our itinerary, but also give you some tips on what I would include and what would I not if I were to go back to this magical country 🙂

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10 Things to do in Mexico

Last week, I have shared our itinerary in Mexico, but besides places, there are some experiences you should not miss if you visit this country and I will try to choose the ones that are mandatory!

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Our Itinerary for Mexico – Yucatan

Hey, guys, and welcome back to my Travel Blog! Today I want to share with you our itinerary for Mexico – The Yucatan Peninsula, the most popular area for tourists. I would recommend 3 weeks in order to enjoy everything on this trip. We only had 2 weeks and I wish we has more time at our disposal. I will also add the places which we are sad we couldn’t find the time to explore.

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The Pink Lakes in Mexico – Las Coloradas

Hey, guys! Mexico is still on my mind and I have decided to share with you our beautiful adventure at Las Coloradas where we saw the famous Pink Lakes.
Many years ago I have seen a picture with a surreal pink lake on social media and I instantly put it on my bucket list. We were able to see that wonder of the world with our own eyes during our trip to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

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The Best Tulum Instagram Spots

Hey, guys! It is my 14th day of quarantine today so I already know all the pictures in my phone and laptop. This being said, I miss Tulum and I thought it will be a good occasion to share with you the best Instagram spots so you can visit them when all the madness goes away!
If you are planning to visit Tulum in the near future, you can find my recommendations below. To be honest, I really hope we will make it back there soon as well because our time was just too short.

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