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Five amazing destinations to enjoy late summer in Europe

[:en]Are you a summer lover and you don’t want to accept that it is coming to an end? Welcome to the family![:]

Five amazing destinations to enjoy late summer in Europe

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Are you a summer lover and you don’t want to accept that it is coming to an end? Welcome to the family! I am definitely a summer kind of girl and I seek it everywhere in the world. Being born in September, I am constantly searching for summerish destinations to visit this time of the year. I have some gems for you to visit in Europe so hurry up and catch some last-minute flights.

Ps: Prepare your favorite bikini and a pair of colorful flip-flops!

1.Ibiza, Spain

The magical island awaits and promises you the time of your life. In my opinion, Ibiza has no age and remains one of the most beautiful islands in Europe, but also one of the best places to party like there is no tomorrow.

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Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea off the east coast of Spain that has become well known all over the world for its crazy nightlife and thrilling parties.

But, Ibiza is not just that. It is a magical place that offers incredible sandy beaches, crystal turquoise water, amazing sunsets, tasty paella and cold sangria. To top that, you can find some breathtaking cliff views, luxurious hotels and pools, yacht parties and yoga retreats. Yes, you can find all that on the “party island”.

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And the greatest news of all is that September is the perfect month to visit it because temperatures go up to 30 degrees Celsius and sun will be your best friend. Moreover, the island will not be as packed as in July and August, but it will offer you the same amazing atmosphere. Do I need to say more?

PS: A travel blog specially designed for Ibiza is coming your way soon!

!Tip 1: For white sandy beaches and incredible light blue water try Formentera Island, just 40 minutes away by boat from Ibiza. You can stay there for the day or even sleep on the tiny island. Trust me, it is worth it!

ibz (107)

ibz (108)

!Tip 2: For the best sunset view go to San Antonio de Portmany. If you want to enjoy a glass of prosecco while listening to the perfect chill out music, try Café de Mar, well known around the globe for its dramatic sunsets.

ibz (26).JPG

ibz (25)

!Tip 3: If you are searching for peace and calm, try Es Vedra which offers incredible views away from the crowds.

ibz (18).JPG

ibz (15)

!Tip 4: I recommend spoiling yourself at the luxurious Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort for one day. Beautiful large pool and Jacuzzi with the best views over Ibiza Town.

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!Tip 5: If you want to check out the bustling nightlife, do not forget to book your tickets in advance! They get sold out pretty fast. Be sure not to miss Amnesia, Pacha and Ushuaia for the most authentic Ibiza experience!

ibz (42).JPG

ibz (40)

!Tip 6: Do not forget to enjoy some Spanish cuisine and a glass of cold delicious sangria!



  1. Marbella, Spain

Spain has lots of great places to offer, so my second choice would be Marbella and Costa del Sol. It is situated in southern Spain, belonging to the province of Malaga, in the autonomous community of Andalusia.

I chose to visit it in May this year, but September is also a perfect time to give it a try. Great mix of sandy beaches, popular parties and great scenery. As a plus, you have some pretty amazing cities to visit around if you have more time such as Sevilla, Cordoba or Granada.




Marbella and Puerto Banus are well known for the luxurious resorts they offer. They can also be pretty pricey, but if you are searching for cheaper accommodation, you can choose Malaga as your starting point to visit the coast.


!Tip 1: Just 80 kilometers away from Marbella you find Gibraltar, the British Overseas Territory located on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula. Be sure to visit The Rock of Gibraltar which is the major tourist attraction.



!Tip 2: Another gem of the coast is Tarifa, also known as the surfers paradise. Located in the province of Cadiz, Andalusia, this little town attracts surfers and nature-lovers alike. Just as famous for its bird watching as its surfing, there are endless opportunities to explore the rolling countryside: kite-surfing, wind-surfing, whale watching, scuba diving, rock climbing etc.

PS: You cannot find a better place on the coast to watch the sunset than this!



!Tip 3: If you are searching for parties, do not miss Ocean Club Marbella, Nikki Beach and Olivia Valere!



!Tip 4: The Old Town in Marbella is packed with beautiful little restaurants that offer you a taste of the traditional Andalusian cuisine.


!Tip 5: You should not miss a flamenco night, the gypsy dance that tells about the joys and pains of life itself. The flamenco shows usually take place at night as from 10pm and go on for about a couple of hours.


  1. Mykonos, Greece

Moving on the other side of the European continent, we find beautiful Greece with is numerous islands. I choose to recommend Mykonos this time because it also has the perfect mix between sandy beaches, picturesque towns and great cliff views. And do not forget about its beautiful crystal clear water. What a paradise! I would go back in a heartbeat.

Easy to reach by plane or ferry from Athens, the Greek party island doesn’t know how to sleep. And September is a perfect month to discover it with 27-28 degrees Celsius.


!Tip 1: Be sure to visit the charming Mykonos Town with its white and blue houses and narrow streets. This place has incredible vibes both by day and by night. Pink flowers hanging on the perfect white walls, luxurious boutiques and stylish restaurants.



!Tip 2: The Mykonos Windmills are an iconic feature of the Greek island offering the perfect authentic picture.


!Tip 3: Tan on the sandy beaches all day long. You have a great variety to choose from. Starting with the crowded and popular Paradise or Psarou Beach, continuing with Ornos or Platys Gialos which are great for families and couples and ending with the northern beaches Fokos or Panormaos which are secluded and private.  



!Tip 4: To experience authentic Greek food, try one of the traditional taverns that offer incredibly tasty seafood and fresh fish. I recommend trying the grilled octopus! And, of course, do not forget about the popular Greek salad.


!Tip 5: Parties never stop here so be sure to plan and book in advance. Nammos Beach offer the most opulent day parties on the island, followed by Principaute de Mykonos in Panormos, Scorpios or Jackie O’. By night, try Cavo Paradiso and the new entry – Interni Restaurant.



!Tip 6: Just a couple of hours away by ferry you can find another Greek piece of heaven: Santorini. Be sure to pay it a visit!


  1. The French Riviera

“You were never told that Saint-Tropez is paradise?” Karl Lagerfeld asked us that and I bet he knows what he is saying.  Probably, there is not bad time to visit the French Riviera, but the good news is September offers you the opportunity to also enjoy its beautiful beaches. Apparently, nothing can compare to a golden St. Tropez tan.

image1 (1).JPG

The funny thing is that I’ve only visited the Riviera in winter till now, but this year things will be different and I will spend my birthday there so I will be able to provide more tips & tricks for the perfect getaway and, of course, lots of pictures.

!Tip 1: As you would expect, accommodation can be pretty expensive, after all we are talking about one of the most glamorous summer destinations in the world where even Hollywood celebrities choose to spend their holidays. For cheaper accommodation, try Nice because it offers a larger variety of hotels and apartments.

nisa (2).JPG


nisa (3).JPG

!Tip 2: For the best panoramic view, try La Colline du Chateau that gives you the opportunity to admire Nice from above with its charming buildings and Promenade des Anglais topped with the sparking Mediterranean Sea.

!Tip 3: Monaco is just a few kilometers away from Nice and you should definitely check it out. Only then you will understand what the fuss is all about. Monaco, officially Principality of Monaco, is a sovereign country bordered by France on three sides. Also known as a “bastion of glitz and glamour”, Monte Carlo offers you the perfect day trip. Do not forget to sip a glass of champagne at Café de Paris right in front of the famous casino.

montecarlo (2)


!Tip 4: I also recommend visiting a gem of the Riviera – Eze Village. High above the sea, the village has well preserved buildings, narrow streets and dramatic views of the coast. Should I say more?




!Tip 5: Enjoy a day on a sandy beach in Saint Tropez admiring the opulent yachts that cruise in front of you. For a great sunset, try La Bouillabaisse Plage.

st tropez (2)

!Tip 6: The French Riviera is also known for its crazy nightlife so be sure to experience it as well. Try Baoli Cannes, L’Opera Saint Tropez or VIP Room.

!Tip 7: Driving a cabriolet on the French Riviera is hard to explain into words. A lifetime experience!

st tropez (5).JPG

  1. Amalfi Coast, Italy

I have a crush on Italy and this is why I will make a different post with all the beautiful places you should visit here when you have the chance. I chose Amalfi Coast because September gives you the perfect opportunity to explore this breathtakingly beautiful place.

sorrento (2).JPG

Starting with Sorrento and ending with Salerno, the coast has some pretty amazing places you should check out.

My favorite remains the tinny colorful Positano which charmed me from the first second. Stylish hotels, sparkling yachts and designer boutiques. Top all that with the exquisite Italian food and wine. This sounds like a recipe to success.


Amalfi Coast doesn’t offer you sandy beaches, but you may find some beautiful infinity pools to compensate. And believe me when I say the view is worth it.

!Tip 1: You cannot get more Italian than riding a Vespa on the coast! Put on one cute dress and hit the roads. As a plus, you get to cheat on the infernal traffic.


!Tip 2: Ravello should not be missed if you want the best panorama. Try Villa Rufolo for one of the best views.



!Tip 3: Capri is just around the corner. Just kidding – a 30 minutes ferry ride away from Sorrento. I’m sure you have heard about this incredible little island that offers you luxury at its finest. The most expensive hotels in Italy and fine dining restaurants are gathered here. Still, you do not need to sleep on the island, Capri can be visited in a day trip.



!Tip 4: If you are searching for a good restaurant with incredible views, you should try Café Positano. It can’t get better than this! As a plus, prices are affordable. Try some pasta, you won’t regret it!

positano (9)


!Tip 5: If you want to enjoy a romantic afternoon with your loved one, I can’t imagine a better way than to relax on the yacht admiring the Amalfi Coast from the sea. Also a small boat can do the trick! Don’t forget to take a bottle of champagne with you. Cin-cin!


These are my late summer recommendations! September is already here and so should be your getaway! If you need any more information, do not hesitate to contact me on my Facebook page ( or my Instagram account ( I will be happy to help!

See you on Friday with the “WHAT TO DO in BALI” travel blog!


And remember: Life is short and the world is wide…🌎

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