Our itinerary in the Philippines

We are back from our long awaited trip to the Philippines and I want to share with you our itinerary, but also give you some tips on what I would include and what would I not if I were to go back to this magical country :)

First of all, I want to start by saying the itinerary was mostly created by my friend Loredana from Nomad Travel Concept, the travel agency that helps us travel anywhere for the past couple of years. 

To be honest, I used to love creating everything by myself and booking on my own every flight and accommodation because of a bad experience with a travel agency in the past,  but since Lore has opened her agency I regained my confidence and I know how reliable she can be and how much passion she puts into her work.

The Phillpines was the first time I honestly didn’t know the itinerary for the first two weeks and I have decided to go with the flow 🙂

This being said, we had 21 days at our disposal to explore the Philippines which should give you plenty of time to visit the most beautiful places.


DAY 1. CEBU – We’ve landed in Cebu in the afternoon, made a stop for dinner and went straight to the hotel to sleep for one night before arriving to our final destination.  We didn’t visit Cebu city and, to be honest, not sure if we’ve missed anything.


DAY 2-3. SUMILON ISLAND – 2 nights  – Van transfer from Cebu & boat transfer to the island


DAY 4-5. SIQUIJOR ISLAND – 2 nights – 1 boat + van + 2 ferries (not easy, but such a beautiful island – it was worth it


DAY 6-7. BOHOL ISLAND – 2 nights -The island is divided in two and we chose Panglao for accommodation – 1 ferry ride


DAY 7-10. CORON – 3 nights/4 days – finally made it to Coron which I was looking forward to and totally loooved it – we chose taking a domestic flight from Cebu, meaning 1 ferry + van + flight 🙂 I would have definitely add more days if I could.


DAY 11-17. EL NIDO – 6 nights – 1 domestic flight , but it is also easy to choose ferry between the two islands. I had this place on my bucketlist for ages.


DAY 18-21. BORACAY – 4 nights – 1 domestic flight, but with a layover in Manila since the direct flight was already sold out. If you plan to visit, be sure to book in advance flights from El Nido since they only have one airline operating (I hope this is correct).


DAY 22 – MANILA – Even though we were not expecting this, we had one day to discover the capital city of the Philippines because I was denied boarding to Vietnam due to an error in my visa. I was really sad and annoyed by what happened, but on the broght side, we also got to visit this city 🙂


This was our ITINERARY in the Philippines, but I don’t want to reveal more info on my opinion on each place.I will be back with my favorite place and my least favorite and lots of details. Thanks for being here. See you soon!


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