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[:en]“I won’t stop travelling until I’ve seen the sun set from every coast!”[:]

I won’t stop travelling until I’ve seen the sun set from every coast!”

It is obvious for me that I have a weakness for sunsets. There is something about this part of the day that inspires me, that fills me with tranquility and strength because God does a breathtakingly beautiful job of painting the sky every evening.

This is the reason why I always search for the perfect spot to catch the sunset while on a holiday.


It is all about perspective. While some of us tend to see sunset as the ending of another day, we can choose to realize that it is also the beginning of a new night of our lives. So the possibilities are endless.

Next time you have the opportunity, stop for a couple of minutes and enjoy the view, watch the sun set and try not to think about your life and the problems that you have to solve, just breathe and be thankful for that moment. It is impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.


  1. Ibiza – Café del Mar in San Antonio de Portmany

Here you can find one of the most precious venues in Ibiza which offers the perfect mix between stunning sunsets and great music.


I came here with high expectations because of what I have read, but I must say that it was definitely one of the most peaceful moments of my life and I completely understood why it is called one the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

The pictures I took don’t give enough credit. You just have to experience it on your own.

Imagine yourself while drinking a glass of prosecco in front of the sea, boats gathering to admire the moment, shades of orange, pink and purple on the sky and top that with the perfect music – Buddha Bar – Wish you were here.

To sum up…a bucket list experience that exceeded my expectations.




! Tip 1: If you didn’t make a reservation, you can arrive there with at least one hour before sunset and you may be lucky enough to find a free table.

! Tip 2: Order a glass of champagne or prosecco to celebrate the moment.

! Tip 3: Pizza is delicious!

  1. Santorini sunset

Well, Santorini is definitely known among travelers as THE SPOT for sunsets and romantic holidays. And they are not wrong.


Although Oia is known as the best place to catch the sunset on the island, you should be prepared. If you want to secure a good spot, you must arrive well ahead of the sunset – an hour at least – because the village will be packed. Hundreds of tourists from all over the world gathered in the same place for the same reason as you. The view is breathtaking though so it will be worth it.

Personally, my perfect sunset in Santorini was seen from Imerovigli where I chose to stay. Even though the hotel was not the most luxurious, it definitely had one of the most beautiful views around the island: the stunning blue of the sea, the caldera and the amazing tiny white and blue houses all in one spot. As a bonus, from our terrace I had a first row ticket to an amazing sunset. What more can you wish for?




! Tip 1: If you are not travelling on a budget, you could make a reservation at one of the restaurants in Oia which offer a great view for sunset.

! Tip 2: If you have enough time, go and see the sunset from the middle of the sea. You can find a great variety of sunset cruises and the price is affordable, around 30-35 euro.

  1. Thai magic

There are a lot of things to do in Thailand and enjoying the sunset is definitely one of them. It is hard for me to say which was the most beautiful, but I guess, if I have to choose, I would say Surin beach. Incredible shades of orange started to color the sky and everyone just stopped and stared. Sure, we all tried to make the best photo, but I recommend that you stop and look around, so you can understand how blessed you are to be a part of that moment.


Second favorite in Thai was Kata Beach, also in Phuket. This time, shades of yellow, topped with long tail boats on the shore.



Don’t forget Koh Samui though. I have to count this one too. An infinity pool on the beach with an amazing sunset view. God, I should leave the office right now. The sun is about to set in Thailand.



!Tip 1: There are so many places in Thailand where you can witness an incredible sunset, you just need to take a break from whatever you are doing and enjoy the moment. For example, while heading home with the scooter, I watched a pretty memorable one on the side of the road.



  1. Lisboa touch

Apparently, I am a fan of colors that is why Lisbon sunset is part of my list.  Miradouro da Graca gave me the opportunity to love this city from the beginning. After landing, this was my first stop and it was memorable. Colorful houses, the sea in the background with the well known 25 de Abril Brigde. For a sunset lover, this is the key to happiness.



! Tip 1: If you want to enjoy the sunset while sipping a cocktail or having dinner, you should try Terraco – Bairro Alto Hotel.

! Tip 2: If you have the time, visit Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point in Europe, for breathtaking sunsets.


  1. French Riviera glamour

Last, but not least, let’s not forget about the French Riviera, which has surprised me on the first day of 2017 with a beautiful purple sunset between the glamorous yachts and boats. Need I say more?




! Tip 1: French Riviera is much more than Nice and Cannes, go and explore the little coastal villages and find the perfect spot for an unforgettable French sunset.

! Tip 2: If you are not on a budget, book a night at a hotel with sea and sunset view. It’s worth every penny!


  1. NEW ENTRY on the list: BALI

As I already told you in my previous posts, Bali stole my heart also with its magical sunsets. I am not going to tell you more because in my last Bali post I will give you some tips on the best places to watch the sunset on the island. Anyway the pictures speak for themselves.


Top 10 sunset places on my to do list

As a keen traveler and a sunset lover, I do have a long list of places around the world that I hope to visit soon enough and tell you all about them. My top 10 will start with one destination from my bucket list that is planned for this winter, so I can’t wait to explore and share it with you guys.

  1. Zanzibar, Tanzania (short preview: I have at least 3 good spots for sunset so I can’t wait);
  2. Dubrovnik, Croatia;
  3. El Nido Palawan, Philippines;
  4. St. Lucia, Caribbean;
  5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil;
  6. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania;
  7. Angkor Wat—Cambodia;
  8. Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles;
  9. Bora Bora, Tahiti;
  10. Grand Canyon, Arizona.


I would love to hear more about your favorite sunset spots. And maybe you have some recommendations for me. I am waiting for you on Facebook and Instagram to tell me all about it and also be the first to get all the travel secrets.


See you on Monday!

And remember: Life is short and the world is wide…?


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