27 and around the world

Three years ago, I made a promise to spoil myself on every birthday with a holiday around the world.


27 and around the world is my very own version of 27 and fabulous, which now seems like a cliché. Three years ago, I made a promise to spoil myself on every birthday with a holiday around the world. Since traveling is my biggest addiction, I figured this is the least I can do to celebrate another year of my life. That being said, I had my 25th birthday in Ibiza and partied like a rock star, my 26th in Cinqueterre and Portofino and enjoyed la dolce vita and this year, for my 27th, I chose the magical French Riviera to celebrate in style.

The keys to success were my loved ones by my side, lovely weather and a charming room view. Checked, checked and checked 🙂 




It was not my first time on the French Riviera so I thought I should choose something different. I was more than happy to find a little family-owned hotel in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, just 6 km away from Monte Carlo. It is called Les Deux Frères and it won my heart in an instance with its breathtaking view of the coast. You already know by now, I love coastal views so this was the perfect match.

I must warn you that you should not expect a very large and luxurious room, but a cozy and charming one. I loved their attention to details and the friendly attitude.

But it was the view that made the click. Waking up and seeing Monte Carlo from above with its luxurious yachts and fancy hotels was the best gift I could give to myself.





Since my birthday is in on the 21st of September, I was lucky enough to still catch some sunny and warm weather which made this holiday even more charming. Even though one day was rather cloudy, we also had 27 degrees Celsius for our Saint Tropez getaway.

One great thing about the French Riviera is that temperatures rarely go under 12 degrees Celsius in daytime so this destination is a good idea all year round. In fact, in 2016, I chose spending NYE in Nice and the weather was simply lovely, sunny all the time with 16-18 degrees Celsius.





For the best birthdays, you should always consider having your loved ones by your side. It is true that being away will make this thing harder, but luckily for me, I managed to steal my boyfriend from his work and also summoned my best friend and soul sister who is now living in Italy to meet up with us on the coast.

So there we were, having the time of our lives in a Fiat 500 while singing our hearts out on the French Riviera. Sounds like having fun, right?

To sum up, take with you your favorite human being. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about your boyfriend/girlfriend, your bff, your mom, your sister/brother or just someone you met one month ago. Be sure you spend your precious time with a person that totally deserves it. Even bring your puppy or your cat, if that makes you happy. Remember: it is your special day so it is you who decides!






I could go on and on about all the great things you can do on the French Riviera. Of course, things can vary according to your preferences. From enjoying a glass of champagne in classy Monte Carlo to tanning on a sandy Saint Tropez beach, the choice is yours. We even enjoyed some Italian pasta in San Remo one night which is just 40 km away from Roquebrune-Cap-Martin.

To sum up, we started our holiday with dinner in Nice and a delightful walk on Promenade des Anglais, we enjoyed lunch in charming Eze Village the next day and went shopping in Monte Carlo, spent one day exploring glamorous Cannes, tanned on a beach in Saint Tropez and ended with some Italian pasta in San Remo.  Don’t worry, I will post some new articles regarding all the things we did on this short birthday getaway.





Nice CĂ´te d’Azur Airport is the biggest airport on the coast and the third busiest airport in France so this is where your journey will begin. It is situated just 7 km west from the center of Nice and you can find direct flights from almost everywhere in Europe, Middle East and north of Africa. If you are coming from US and Asia, you will also find flights with good connections in Europe. Just be careful and book ahead in order to get some good fares.




The best way to explore the coast is definitely by car. This way you won’t miss the chance to see every place you want. Renting a car should cost you around 50 EUR/day or even less if you book ahead. Of course, prices go up if you have preferences, such as renting a cabriolet or a luxury car.

This time we chose a Fiat 500, one of my favorite cars right now: tiny and useful. We paid 45 EUR/day with full insurance. Taxis can be pretty expensive if you want to explore the coast, but UBER comes in handy if you have no other choice.

You should also check the train schedule and prices, but if you don’t have much time at your disposal, I totally recommend renting a car.



Well, we are talking about the French Riviera after all, so you should prepare some amount of money to spend here. Of course, there are also good options for budget travelers. I recommend choosing Nice for accommodation if you want to spare some money. Airbnb has some good bargains for you. Also, if you want to spend less, try eating in the Old Town of Nice where you can find some promotional menus.

If you are not on a budget, choose a hotel with a view and indulge yourself with the exquisite French cuisine. I will give you some tips on restaurants and cafés to visit in my next French Riviera post.




This question has the simplest answer. Because you totally deserve it! Always! Once a year you have the right to be selfish and spoil yourself. And your loved ones should encourage you to do that. Choose a different place every year and explore it. Or choose the place that you loved most while traveling. Whatever makes you happy.

If you don’t have lots of free days from work, don’t worry. Even 2-3 days are enough to disconnect from your daily routine and enjoy some time apart from everything.

If you don’t have lots of money, plan well ahead, even one year before and catch the best deals on accommodation and flights.

If you are born in winter, spoil yourself with a tropical holiday or just take your fanciest hat and warm coat and go for it. Europe has so many beautiful places to visit in winter time.

The point is that you can find a solution for every problem with a little bit of will. I know we all want to save some money and think we will have time to travel later, but life does not wait for us and we will never be as young as we are now.


I hope I inspired you and you are already checking out birthday destinations. If you need any help, I am here for you. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram.

Till next time!!

And remember: Life is short and the world is wide…?





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