5 European destinations for New Year’s Eve

[:en]You know what they say: It is the first day of the year that counts most![:]

It may seem early, but NYE is just around the corner. If you are looking to spend the night between the years somewhere in Europe, you already know you will have to face some pretty cold weather so do not forget to pack your warm coat and your favorite gloves. That being said, let’s find the most popular NYE destinations so you can start planning and celebrate in style. You know what they say: It is the first day of the year that counts most!


  1. Paris

The city of love is always a good idea. And spending NYE in Paris will definitely count as a great new start. To make this even better, the fireworks display with the Eiffel Tower in the background is listed among the most beautiful in the world. So if you are in love, take his/hers hand and jump in a plane and if you are not, do not worry, I bet your best friend also wants to celebrate in style by the Seine. Let’s pop some champagne!


!Tip 1: If you want a first row tickets for the fireworks display, try booking a dinner cruise on the Seine! There is no better view than that! 🙂

!Tip 2: Another great place to say Bonne Année for the first time would be the famous  Champs-Elysées Grand Parade. As a plus, you may find lots of chic restaurants and clubs in the area to continue the party after midnight!

!Tip 3: One of the best things about this period is that you will still have the chance to admire the lovely Christmas lights from Paris streets.



  1. London

London is another icon European city that is known all over the world as a top destination for spending NYE. Awesome fireworks display at Westminster, stunning Christmas lights, red phone booths and English humor. This sounds like a good plan for the first day of the year. And let’s not forget about shopping at Harrods on the 1st of January so we can do that all year long according to the legend. Am I right, ladies?


!Tip 1: If you are searching for the perfect spot to see the fireworks display, the same advice for above applies: Thames river cruise! Exquisite cuisine and the perfect view! Be sure to book in advance!

!Tip 2: If you want to really celebrate in style, London has a long list of fine dining restaurant with amazing views from above. If you are not on a budget, try Aqua at The Shard or Sushi Samba!

!Tip 3: London weather is not as bad as anyone imagines, from my experience at least. Temperatures rarely go under 5 degrees Celsius at night which is not something I can say about most countries in Europe! Be sure to take a big cozy scarf with you though and maybe your favorite hat!



  1. Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the best places to be during New Year’s Eve due to its beautiful fireworks display, but also for the great variety of restaurants and clubs where you can celebrate the night between the years. I know many of you are afraid to visit Istanbul due to the terrorist attacks, but I hope we won’t let them achieve their purpose! This city is amazing and has so much to offer!


!Tip 1: I’ve actually been there in 2015-2016 for NYE and I chose a panoramic sky bar to celebrate! The view was amazing!

!Tip 2: Be sure to stay a couple of days to explore the city! I caught some real winter days there and it was like a fairytale!

!Tip 3: Turkish hot tea is the perfect cure for the cold weather so be sure to taste some after the shopping session at Grand Baazar 🙂



  1. Berlin

If you did some searching for places to celebrate NYE in Europe, you’ve sure noticed that Berlin is always listed in top 5. The capital city of Germany is known all over the world for the fireworks display at Brandenburg Gate. I have not experienced it on my own yet, but I have been there in winter time and I recommend putting it on the list!


!Tip 1: If you do decide to be in the middle of the action, then Brandenburg Gate is the place for you! More than one million visitors come to celebrate with you at midnight!

!Tip 2: Another reason for choosing Berlin as your NYE destination is definitely the crazy nightlife. You have a long list of clubs waiting for you to raise your glass and party like there is no tomorrow!

!Tip 3: Mulled wine can be a pretty good way to forget about the freezing weather if you decide to admire the fireworks outside!



  1. The French Riviera

As a last recommendation for European NYE destinations, I pick the amazing French Riviera, my 2016-2017 choice. It was such a lovely surprise and you should give it a try if you are looking for a warmer getaway. Temperatures are around 15 degrees Celsius which offers you the chance to explore the coast and be a part of the Riviera glamour.


!Tip 1: For NYE, I chose one of the many restaurants in Cannes and popped some champagne in the port at midnight! The fireworks display was beautiful!

!Tip 2: Monte Carlo could also be a great option to celebrate in style or at least to drink a glass of champagne the second day at Café de Paris! Do not forget your stylish outfit!

!Tip 3: A lovely sunny day is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a celebratory cocktail in Saint Tropez!


I hope my top 5 recommendations will inspire you and this year you will have the most amazing NYE celebration! For more information or pieces of advice, you can find me on Facebook and Instagram!

Also if you have some recommendations for a great beginning of the year, I would love to know more! Stay tuned for my next post on Hot NYE destinations around the world!

Till next time!

And remember: life is short and the world is wide… 🌎


*** All pictures from this post are from Google. All the credit goes to the rightful owners.

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