10 Mandatory things to do in Rome

[:en]I tend to see Rome as a museum. Every corner is like a piece of art ❤️[:]

I am working on the new complete travel guide for Rome since so many of you voted YES on the Instagram poll. But, till then, I must start by putting up a list with ten mandatory things to in the Eternal City. Be sure to check them out on your next trip!


  1. Pasta, pasta, pasta <3

You can already tell I am a pasta lover. And there is no better place in the world to enjoy delicious pasta than in a family owned restaurant hidden on a tiny cobbled street in Rome. I am madly in love with black truffle pasta, but I would never say no to a big portion of Carbonara or Matriciana. I am already dreaming with my eyes opened.



  1. Gelato Italiano

Italy is known all over the world for its amazingly yummy ice cream so Rome will be the perfect place to taste it for the first time. Believe me it won’t compare to any ice cream you’ve tasted before. To top that, it also looks incredibly cute so you will have the perfect Instagram picture. Try Venchi for the best experience. I will also include a link containing the best gelaterias in town: https://www.romeing.it/rome-best-of-gelateria-guide/



  1. Prosecco with a view

Rome has so many iconic attractions (that are coming your way this week in my complete travel guide) and what better way to enjoy them than by sipping a glass of prosecco right in front of them? Last time I visited the city, I chose a restaurant with great views of the historical Colosseum. I must admit it was quite early for prosecco, but it does not count while on holiday, right?



  1. Coin tossing at the beautiful Fontana di Trevi

If you have already seen the classical La dolce vita movie by Federico Fellini, you are familiar with Fontana di Trevi because of the bath Anita Ekberg took there. A traditional legend holds that if visitors throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain, they are destined to return to Rome. You should stay with the back at the fountain, hold the coin in your right hand and throw it over your left shoulder. Couldn’t hurt, right?



  1. Mandatory Colosseum picture

You cannot leave Rome without taking the perfect shot of the Colosseum. It is like you have never visited the city. Located just in the center of Rome, it is beautiful both by day and by night. I will tell you all about ticket prices in my next detailed travel blog.



  1. Seat on the Spanish Steps and enjoy la dolce vita

Taking a seat on one of the steps of the beautiful, iconic marble staircase that connects the Piazza di Spagna to the Trinita dei Monti church, is a must while visiting Rome. In the evenings the piazza becomes full of tourists and you can even enjoy some live street music.



  1. Red wine tasting

Take a tour of the beautiful Rome piazzas (I will make a list on my next blog with my suggestions) and pause for a while to enjoy a glass of the exquisite Italian red wine. I recommend trying Barolo, my favorite, Chianti Clasico or Brunello di Montalcino. I must warn you: all the above are dry wines, so be sure to ask the waiter more details when you order.



  1. Panoramic views

Search for the perfect panoramic view of Rome and relax there for a while. One of my favorite places is Terrazza del Pincio that offers great views of the Piazza del Popolo and its surroundings. St. Peter’s Basilica Vatican also offers a stunning view of St Peter’s Square. Be aware that you have to climb a few hundred steps for this one though 🙂


  1. Vespa ride

What better way to enjoy the city than by renting a classical Vespa and act like locals do? As a plus, the Vespas are so cute and picture perfect. Be sure to wear your best outfit for this ride. Think about the iconic Italian shots you can see everywhere: a polka dots over the knee dress for girls and a casual suit for boys sounds perfect!



  1. Wander the cobbled streets

Last but not least, enjoy Rome by foot. This city is simply beautiful and the architecture is impressive. I tend to see Rome as a museum. Every corner is like a piece of art: old renovated buildings, ancient ruins, paved streets and colorful piazzas. Be sure to experience all of it.


Stay tuned for my next blog containing a complete travel guide for the Eternal City <3 I do hope this will inspire you to visit this amazing place as soon as possible.

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