Living on the edge – Top 5 Cliff Gems in Europe

[:en]„Life is a climb, but the view is great”[:]

Life is a climb, but the view is great

No, I do not have any plans to move from Romania just yet, altough I do wish to retire someday and live in a tiny beach house enjoying every sunset on the terrace with my old man, an extremely cute puppy (or maybe ten, but who counts?) and a glass of wine.

For now, I just want to share with you the most beautiful seaside places I have ever been to with a view that could take your breath away in an instant.

  1. On top of the list: Santorini

This little island continues to pop up in all my posts. I cannot totally describe the feeling of staying on the balcony in the early morning: the sun was shining brightly, a chilly breeze was blowing, my hair was messy, but my eyes were glittering like the eyes of a child with a bag of candies in front of him. The perfect mix between white and blue traditional cave houses, the immensity of the blue sea, topped with colorful flowers on every balcony and luxurious infinity pools. The caldera was standing proud in front of me and I could not be happier. It is something magical about this island that inspires you and makes you wanna go back again and again.


! Tip 1: The night view is equally impressive. All those crowded hotels and houses turn on their yellow lights and it seems like the island comes to life.

! Tip 2: I know accommodation can be quite expensive, but I do not recommend saving money by choosing a hotel without a sunset view. Think of it as an investment as you get the full sunset experience, the best day and night views, practically the spirit of Santorini right in front of your room. You have lots of options in Fira, Oia or Imerovigli. Personally, I chose the last one because it was less crowded and I would not change a thing.




  1. Positano, amore mio

Second place on my list, but not necessarily my second option, is given to the one and only Positano on the Amalfi Coast.

Sure, it was quite hard to decide which town I liked the most on the Amalfi Coast. All of them have their charm, but I guess Positano stole my heart with its colorful tiny houses perfectly arranged on the coast. Infinity pools, yachts everywhere, beautiful flowers and perfect Italian pasta and wine. Just like a postcard from heaven. Hmm, I wonder why I ever got back.


! Tip 1: Go in the early morning and catch a beach bed with stunning views of the coast. You should not expect a sandy white beach though, but you cannot deny its charm.

! Tip 2: A Vespa is the best means of transport to avoid the unbearable traffic on the coast. As a plus, you could not feel more Italian than that.

positano (22).jpg



  1. I found my love in Portofino

Still in Italy, but on a different coast, we find the jewelry of the Ligurian Riviera, the small, but magical Portofino.

Once a tiny fishing village nestled between forests of pine trees and olive groves, it now represents luxury at its finest. Expensive hotels, fashionable convertibles, yachts and designer boutiques. The cobbled waterfront piazza is perfect for people watching while enjoying a glass of champagne or the perfect Italian espresso. Put on your silk scarf and your favorite pair of big sunglasses and feel like a movie star for the day.


! Tip 1: Although you don’t have a lot of things to do here, stop and enjoy the moment, the art of doing nothing or, as the Italians say, “il dolce far niente”.

! Tip 2: If you are travelling by car, be sure to get there early as Portofino has limited parking spots. 

! Tip 3: Accommodation in Portofino is expensive and the town is always full of tourists. I chose to stay in Rapallo, just 9 km away and rented a Vespa to enjoy the view.




  1. French Riviera sparkle

Since we started talking about luxury, the French Riviera must be next on the list. It is well known for its glamour, its expensive hotels and restaurants, but also for the bustling nightlife. Celebrities from all around the world gather here in the summer so don’t be surprised if you have lunch at the same restaurant as Angelina Jolie or Jay-Z and Beyonce. At least, you will get a tan on the same coast.


! Tip 1: We all know that Nice, Cannes, St Tropez and Monte Carlo are a must on the French Riviera. But I totally recommend putting Eze Village on your list. Also famous for offering astonishing views of the Mediterranean Sea and the coast, the village itself is a treat for the eyes.

! Tip 2: One bucket list experience while on the coast is definitely driving a convertible. This might be quite expensive, but you don’t get this chance every day, right?



  1. Lefkada, a surprisingly beautiful island that stole my heart

While visiting Meteora and the countryside of Greece, I took a break from the itinerary and decided to pay an unexpected visit to this now very popular island.

I must begin by saying it exceeded my expectations from the moment I arrived in Lefkas town, the port of the island. But that was not the best that Lefkada had to offer. It was pretty early, at the beginning of May, so I had the luck of staying on the amazing Porto Katsiki Beach by my own. Imagine…a whole beach at my disposal with the most incredible shades of blue and turquoise. The water was beyond imagination.

Egremni, known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world was partially destroyed by an earthquake in 2015 so I could not get too close, but seeing it from above made me understand why it is so appreciated.


! Tip 1: Authentic Greek food is amazing. Be sure to try choose traditional tavernas and try as many dishes as possible, even olives with bread are incredibly tasteful.

! Tip 2: If you are a meat lover, be sure to try some Greek style lamb chops. I recommend Greco Levante Taverna for the best meal I had on the island, but equally for its incredible view.




The list could go on and on and on. But if I share with you guys all my secrets right now, what would I tell you in my next posts?

For any other tips & tricks, I am waiting you on Facebook and Instagram.



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