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[:en]Here you will find the most iconic Christmassy places that hopefully will also make you fall in love with winterish London and put it on the list for next year.[:]

I still remember my first trip to London. It was back in December 2013 after getting the big news that I was accepted in the Bucharest Bar so I was officially a criminal lawyer.

One of my best friends in this world, Oana (or Bubu as I like to call her) was already in love with London and tried to convince me to visit the city with her. But I was like: „Nooo, why in hell would I want to visit this rainy grey city? Not a chance in this world!”

Because we were already planning a trip to Morroco for March 2014 and I was on my way to the travel agency to book that trip, I thought to myself I deserve an admittance gift. And what better way to celebrate than by booking another holiday?

So there I was at the travel agency decided to book whatever city break they had to offer. I did not have anything in mind, but then I saw their weekly blackboard with top 10 city breaks. And since London was on top of that list, I knew it was time for me to fall in love with it.

Two weeks later, on St. Nicholas, Bubu and I were on a plane having London as our final destination. And I could have not been happier.

Since then, I visited the city three times for Christmas decorations and I still can’t have enough.

I have recently returned from my last London trip which was pretty amazing since I had my boyfriend by my side exploring the city lights. Magic, magic everywhere.

oxford 3.JPG

I know many of you are afraid of the cold weather, but I hope my sunny photos will convince you otherwise. I am not saying it will be hot and sunny all the time, but do not forget to pack a big scarf, one cool hat and a warm coat and you will be just fine. Also a pair of fancy gloves will come in handy when exploring the city.

I must let you know that, although London is known all over the world as the rainy city of Europe, I did not catch any rainy days while visiting in December three years in a row.  I bet you will also be as lucky as me.


That being said, here you will find some pictures with the most iconic Christmassy places that hopefully will also make you fall in love with winterish London and put it on the list for next year. Believe me, you won’t regret this decision! 

  1. Regent Street

I must start with this since it is definitely my favorite part of the city regarding Christmas lights. Start from the bustling Piccadilly Circus and prepare to be amazed. Those angels are just magical <3





  1. Oxford Street

If you walk from Piccadilly Circus on Regent Street, you have no chance to miss the iconic Oxford Street. Being known mostly as a shopping destination, it is a true gem for winter decorations as well.





  1. Winter Wonderland

This place attracts millions of tourists every year from all around the globe. For over 10 years, Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland has been spreading the Christmas spirit throughout London. Mulled wine, ice skating, roller coaster rides, street food stalls and live music. Sounds magical, right?





  1. National History Museum Ice Rink

Although I visited London in December three time, only this year I was able to see this beautiful winter attraction. It is open from around mid October till January and tickets start from 12,56 £ for adults and 8,80 £ for children.





  1. Carnaby Street

This colorful street will steal your heart right away. It is very easy to find since it is located close to both Regent and Oxford Street and just minutes away from Soho.




  1. Convent Garden

This is a must while visiting London in very season and winter is no exception. Great pubs and restaurants are waiting for you and, as a plus, Christmas decorations are just gorgeous. I mean, look at this amazing little street I found on my way.

conventgarden 1.jpg




  1. Harrods

Harrods needs no more presentation. It is home for designer clothing, luxury gifts and fashion accessories. And it surely knows how to get festive both on the outside and in the inside. Be sure to visit their Christmas section, but prepare your wallets!






  1. St. James Square

I have to put this on the list even though I did not get there this year, but in 2016 the Christmas tree stole my heart away. Isn’t it just perfect?




  1. Westminster

You cannot leave London without visiting the iconic Westminster. You have many tourist attractions gathered there: Big Ben and the Parliament, Westminster Abbey, London Eye and even a beautiful Christmas tree in terms of decorations. Sadly, this year Big Ben was under renovation so you could not actually see it.



  1. London streets in general

Yes, you can find magic at every corner, you just need to keep your eyes and heart open.

For example, the boutique hotel we chose this year, Xenia Autograph Collection Hotel located in Kensington area looked like it came from a fairytale at night.





This is probably why it is said that no one does Christmas better than London. I hope I’ve convinced you to put it on the list for next year. PS: Do not forget to tag me in your pictures and Insta stories so I can see everything about your holidays.

For any other tips & tricks, I am waiting you on Facebook and Instagram.


I wish you all a magical December,

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