The man that makes my journey around the world even happier

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Almost one year and a half ago, this amazing man came into my life and made sure it becomes brighter, funnier and even happier. Since we both love to travel, it wasn’t long till our adventure around the world started as well and since then we have visited many cities and countries together, to be specific 3 continents, 18 countries and more than 57 cities.

It is said that “Everything is better together” and I couldn’t agree more with this saying. Traveling with Him made me fell in love even more with this activity because it gave us the chance to live so many amazing memories that will last a lifetime. We have dreams to share all our adventures with our nephews when we will be old and funny.

I still remember our fist getaway together in February 2017 when we visited my favorite European country, Italy, and we have explored the Eternal City, Rome. The first tourist attraction we saw with that occasion was Fontana di Trevi, where we tossed a coin and made a wish. Apparently, the legend worked in our case because we were back to Rome in less than one year for our one year anniversary when Grand Hotel Palace Rome made sure we have a magical and special weekend.

Rome for the first time together

Grand Hotel Palace Rome

Since we can never say no to a big gelato or a portion of Spaghetti Carbonara, our Italian adventure continued the past year and we managed to return and also visited the Northern region of the country on two occasions. First one: Garda Lake with the gorgeous coastal towns: Sirmione, Peschiera and Garda plus the stunning city of Verona as a surprise gift for his birthday last year.

Verona night

Our morning view

The second was Como Lake where we were spoiled by Grand Hotel Imperiale, where we stayed, and Boat2Go who showed us the area by boat. On this occasion, we managed to visit Bergamo, Como, Varenna and Bellagio.

Boat2Go Como

It is true that we have a crush on Italy, but let me also tell you about the other amazing destinations we have visited together. I want to stay on the European side first so I will try to make a short list for this year and a half.

We visited Belgium together with my high school best friends, Cami and Andreea, in March 2017 and ate lots of chocolate in Brugge and Gent and delicious waffles in Brussels. (PS: we ate the tastiest pork ribs ever at Amadeus in Brussels, a mandatory experience if you visit the city!).

We continued with an Andalusian bound where Spain showed us how beautiful this country may be. Besides Costa de Sol and the famous coastal towns: Malaga, Marbella, Puerto Banus, Tarifa, Nerja, we also got to visit four amazing places that stole my heart for good and I urge you to visit: Sevilla, Cordoba, Granada and Ronda. One more stop is mandatory when you visit the south of Spain: Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory.


Exploring Costa del Sol

Lunch in Malaga

The 1st of June came with an even bigger surprise, a bucketlist experience that I was dying to see: Cappadocia and a hot a balloon flight at sunrise I will never forget that fairytale morning with Him. We also treated ourselves with some Turkish delight in Istanbul, the city on two continents.

Fairytale morning in Cappadocia

Summer in Istanbul

My birthday in September 2017 came in France on the exquisite French Riviera when I had my boyfriend and my sister and best friends in this world, Berta, right by my side. Waking up to that amazing view together was simply breathtaking

My birthday on the French Riviera


Since London is my soul city, I am so happy we managed to visit it twice in 2017: once in June to enjoy some summer days by the Thames and second, at the end of November, when London is already dressed for Christmas and becomes magical.

Summer in London

London Christmas

London morning

And since we both are such big fans of Christmas, we decided to start celebrating earlier last year and headed to Switzerland, where we met with my high school deskmate and friend, Emma, and her fiancée, Ioannis and visited the Christmas Markets in Basel, Zurich, Luzern and Bern. We continued with the Alsacian region of France where Colmar, Strasbourg and Riquewihr are a treat for every Christmas lover.

Magical Strasbourg

Mulled wine in Colmar

Let’s not forget about Adelboden where we found our winter wonderland at The Cambrian Hotel.

The Cambrian Adelboden

Still on the European side of the world, we got to visit Athens in a short getaway in January 2018, immediately after returning from another dream destination for the both of us, Moscow, Russia, where we celebrated the night between the years – NYE 2017-2018

Athens city break

NYE 2017-2018 Moscow

I must also put Warsaw, Poland, on the list because we managed to visit it too in a long layover in our way to Moscow.


Warsaw from above

I was such a busy year for us because, believe it or not, we both actually have full time jobs in the legal system in Romania and we have to always combine both pleasure and work.

But our adventure continued worldwide and we also had an Asian and an African experiences, the first one in the summer of 2017 and the second in February-March 2018.

Our Asian summer holiday stole my heart in a heartbeat: two stops in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur and the masterpiece, the one place where I would love to live for at least one year, Bali. (PS: He promised me this dream will come true )

Singapore – Gardens by the Bay

Baby elephants in Malaysia

There are so many things to say about this experience and I have written many blogs about it, but to sum up: we slept in the jungle, tanned on amazing sandy beaches, drove a scooter in the chaotic traffic, bathed in the river with baby elephants and surfed the mad waves for the first time…

Morning view in Bali

Jungle view at Alam Ubud

Scootering in Bali

The peak of our Asian adventure was Nusa Penida where we got to see Kelingking Beach and Broken Beach, both amazing places.

Our favorite place – Nusa Penida

Broken Beach

Let’s more on the other side of the world and tell you a few words regarding our African experience, that actually started with a long layover in Dubai, where we met with my childhood friend, Oana, and her fiancée, Toufic.

Dubai Marina

In Africa, we were able to explore the magical island of Zanzibar, Tanzania and spend Women’s Day playing with giraffes and baby crocodiles in Nairobi, Kenya.

Nairobi, Kenya

Zanzibar is like a dream come true for couples where, as a summary, we had lunch on a sandbank in the middle of the Indian Ocean, swam with free wild dolphins in their natural habitat at sunrise, ate dinner on the beach under the full moon and so much more that you will soon be able to discover on the blog.

Lunch on a sandbank

These experiences that I have shortly mentioned above sum up the most amazing period of my life and it couldn’t have existed without HIM.

Today, we are in Amsterdam and we are celebrating His birthday! The exciting news is that we will be on our way to Paris in a couple of hours so we will be celebrating HIM in two amazing cities and countries in just one day!

He doesn’t even know I am writing this right now, but I want HIM to know that I love having HIM by my side in our journey around the world and I appreciate his presence in my life.

I am so lucky and thankful and I imagine it is not easy at all to support me in every crazy idea I have and also help me with my passion – the travel blog and my Instagram travel page.

I mean, what man would not get tired of taking thousands of pictures on every holiday, getting up early to catch the perfect light or empty iconic places in the cities we visit? Or just starving with the food on the table and watching it become cold while I take the perfect picture or a landscape video for the future vlog and a portrait one for my Instastory?

I don’t usually share my feelings on the blog or social media, but today is only for HIM.

He is loving, faithful, caring and, most importantly, MINE ❤

Happy birthday, babe! I love you! ❤


Hi, I am Taisia.
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I am so happy that you made your way to my travel blog and I hope you are here to stay! I know you can find so many travel blogs out there and you are probably wondering why you should read this one. I won’t say it’s the best or the prettiest one, but I can assure you I will always share with you my happiness and love for traveling. But first, let’s get to know each other, shall we?


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