My futuristic experience at Fletcher Hotel Amsterdam

Welcome to Space! Attention: this is a simulation for a trip to the moon! Just kidding, but this is what I thought when we first arrived to the beautiful Fletcher Hotel Amsterdam.

*Pentru varianta in limba romana, apasa AICI!

I had Amsterdam on my travel list since highschool, but for some reason I only got to see it at the end of May this year for my boyfriend’s birthday. He had visited the city two times before and he was keen on showing it to me as well, promising we will have a lot of fun in the tulips’ country.

I had already posted My Top 10 Mandatory Things to Do in Amsterdam (if you haven’t read it, now is the time; just click HERE) and now I want to show you the futuristic Fletcher Hotel and recommend it as a unique accommodation option in Amsterdam.


Hotel: Fletcher Hotel

Location: Amsterdam

Type: Futuristic luxury

Prices: starting from 90 Eur/night


Welcome to Space! Attention: this is a simulation for a trip to the moon! Just kidding, but this is what I thought when we first arrived to the beautiful Fletcher Hotel Amsterdam.

The 4 stars hotel is part of the famous Fletcher hotel chain which has more than 80 amazing and unique locations in the Netherlands.                                                   

Fletcher Hotel Amsterdam is located in an imposing 60-metre-high building, designed as a sphere by the world-famous architect Benthem Crouwel. It has 120 luxury rooms and six multi-purpose meeting rooms. The 14th and 15th floors are dedicated to the executive suites and offer the best views.

At the top, meaning the 16th and the 17th floors, you can find Sky Bar & Lounge Pi where you can enjoy delicious drinks and the Sky Restaurant Pi where breakfast will be served, but you can also choose to have a delicious dinner as we did.


The hotel is situated on the A2 and A9 motorways in Amsterdam, a short distance from the AMC, the Ziggodome, AFAS Live and the Amsterdam ArenA, so if you have an event to attend in this locations, this is the right place for you.

The good news is that the hotel is also situated close to the airport so you are just one short ride away. We chose to arrive by Uber which was affordable and effective, but you also have a hotel shuttle bus at your disposal for an additional fee.

If you arrive by car, you will be pleased to know Fletcher Hotel offers a big parking lot for an additional fee of 16 Eur per stay, which is an extremely affordable price for Amsterdam.

What I loved the most about this location is that you are surrounded by nature. The hotel also bikes and E-bikes rental and you have so many beautiful places to explore in the area.

If you want to go to the city center, you can walk around 10-15 minutes to the metro station (or rent a bike to arrive easier) and you have a direct link to Amsterdam Centraal where you adventure begins.


Our room was situated at the 15th floor so the last executive floor of the hotel that definitely offers the best view over the city. And is there someone that doesn’t like a good panoramic view?

I loved the room from the first sight: futuristic and glamorous at the same time. I guess my favorite part was the large round window that gave light to the room, but also contributed to the futuristic design.

All rooms have a glass round shower in the middle of the room that reminded me of a cartoon I watched when I was little on Cartoon Network – The Jetsons – the family of the future. The rooms also offer amazing views of the surroundings (including Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam ArenA, Ouderkerkerplas, Amsterdam center).

The sweet welcome by Fletcher Hotel Amsterdam was highly appreciated and I want to give Bianca, the Front Office Manager, a special thank you for making this possible.


We now got to my favorite part of the day – breakfast and Fletcher Hotel made sure our morning experience was amazing. I will now give you three reasons to believe me:

Firstly, the view. Breakfast is served at the last floor of the hotel offering stunning morning views, sunrise included since the restaurant has a 360 degrees view.

Secondly, prosecco. The best way to start your morning while you are on a holiday is by drinking a glass of cold prosecco to celebrate the occasion. You know the saying: It’s never too early for prosecco!

 Thirdly, are you hungry? Fletcher Hotel has you covered with so many goodies that you won’t know where to begin. I started with bacon & eggs because I need fuel for the day ahead, but also tasted some amazing fruit at the end.


Since we stayed at Fletcher Hotel just one day before my boyfriend’s birthday, the staff was amazing and they helped me prepare an amazing celebratory dinner for Him at their lovely Sky Restaurant Pi.

Besides the amazing view from the 17th floor, the talented chef from Sky Restaurant Pi also offered us a truly amazing culinary experience with tasty food and pairing wine.

The dinner menu was a surprise even for me because the chef wanted to amaze us both and the dishes were brought to us with a big smile and all the details regarding our plates, as it should be in every top restaurant.

We started with some delicious appetizers: scallops & shrimp salad paired with white wine, followed by a delicious teriyaki salmon paired with rosé wine.

These two dishes were some yummy that I couldn’t leave anything behind, especially because I am a fish and seafood lover, so when the second course arrived, I was already full. But how could you say no to this tasty plate? I loved how the meat was cooked and I can never say now to roasted potatoes and mushrooms! This plate was paired with red dry wine, which was my boyfriend’s favorite.

The night ended with a delicious celebratory dessertpanacotta which managed somehow to please us both since we have different taste in this matter. It was a tasty mix between vanilla sauce, fresh fruit, ice cream and tiny cookies, paired, of course, with dessert sweet wine.

I wish I would have written down all the wines we tasted so I can recommend them to you, but I am sure that if you have the chance to go to Sky Restaurant Pi, the lovely staff will be happy to assist you and offer the best recommendations. My favorite was the rosé wine, perfect for the salmon, and my boyfriend’s the red wine, as I already told you before, that went perfectly for the main course.

Last, but not least, I want to give credits to the lovely staff that made our celebratory dinner even more special, it was such a pleasure to get to know you and I hope to see you soon.

PS: At the 16th floor, you can find SKY Bar & Lounge Pi where they also serve delicious food, including sushi. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to also experience it, even though you know how much I love sushi, but there is always a next time, right?

That was our amazing hotel experience at Fletcher Amsterdam and we cannot wait to be back for more! I recommend trying this unique and futuristic accommodation place if you visit the city!


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