10+ Instagrammable Places in Paris

I asked, you voted, so here you can find all the Instagrammable Spots I discovered in my last Paris getaway. I still have to mention that the City of Love has Instagrammable places at every corner, you just need the time to discover them step by step. I will also include maps to each place I recommend so it will be easier for you to find!

1. The one and only Trocadéro

I started with the most famous one because, to be honest, you cannot visit Paris without taking a photo at Trocadéro. This is the best place to capture the entire Eiffel Tower and, if you get there pretty early or you are good at taking photos from unique angles, you can have it all to yourself. Whether you choose the stairs or the edge of the wall, the Eiffel Tower still shines bright in the back. If you choose to climb the walls as we did, note that the police will sure rush you to get down from the edge.

 PS: Be aware that the place can be slippery and try not to climb it in heels as I did J

PS2: The left side tends to be emptier.

2. Eiffel Tower Carousel

There are many carousels in Paris, but I think the most Instagrammable one is the one right after the going down on the Trocadéro stairs, on the other side of the Seine (Avenue New York) when you come from the Eiffel Tower. This angle makes it easier to catch the entire Eiffel Tower and you can also use the bench to pose more naturally. The Carousel itself is very cute to shoot since it is colorful and full of joy.

PS: You will have to compete with kids for this one, haha!

3. The Seine

Well, here I could write an entire chapter since there are so many amazing places by the Seine, but I will tell you my favorite due to its position and I will also mention a few ones at the end that you could check if you have the time J That being said, my favorite is on Avenue New York, near the famous Pont d’Iéna (which is almost always crowded). This spot is always peaceful and you can get some wonderful shots. If you fancy that, you can even have a quick picnic as we did.

Other great places to shoot the Eiffel Tower by the Seine: Pont de la Concorde, Pont de Bir-Hakeim, Pont d’Alma.

4. Rue de l’Université

Already a pretty popular spot in Paris for taking pictures with the Eiffel Tower. We tried something different and I actually climbed in someone’s window for this, at my fiancé’s suggestion. The things we do for Instagram, hahha. Happily, many of you liked the picture we did, so it was totally worth it. If you are not a big fan of climbing, you can, of course, do the simple shot of you crossing the street. Be prepared to wait a little because it can get quite crowded.

5. Rue Surcouf with Rue Saint-Dominique

This was our last spot for pictures with the Eiffel Tower in our last trip, but I will include more recommendations at the end of the article. I have to say I’ve seen this street a long time ago on Instagram, but had no clue how to find it. Luckily, I’ve recently spotted a hotel name in one picture so we were able to actually find it.  You can either choose this spot or go in the next intersection where you will find Le Recrutement Café.

6. La Maison Rose Montmartre

La Maison Rose is definitely one of the cutest restaurants ever, especially for girls. It immediately makes you think about Edith Piaf and her famous song, La vie en rose. We arrived there before they even open, around 10 am, so we caught it empty, but still with no chairs and tables. I recommend checking the opening times online as it is different depending on the day of the week. Arriving there around 15-20 minutes before the opening time should do the trick.

7. Le Consulat Café & Restaurant

Continuing with Montmatre, Le Consulat is next on the list and you are gonna love the pop of red in your pictures. This place opens at 11 am so the tip provided above works here as well: 15-20 minutes before and you can have the place all to yourself as we did.

8. Le Refuge Restaurant

I liked this particular place because, besides the beautiful and color restaurant in the background, you can also include the Metropolitan red sign which will make your picture even more attractive. I have to say it will not be easy to catch this place empty since there are many pedestrians going in and out of the metro, but with a bit of patience and strength if you want to climb the fence as I did, you will get an awesome result!

9. The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris - Sacré Coeur

You cannot talk about Montmartre without mentioning the breathtaking Sacré Coeur Cathedral. It will not be easy to get a close shot with it without people, but you can get creative and use different angles which will look amazing. This time, we chose to use the left corner, right after climbing the stairs to the cathedral. We actually didn’t plan this shot, but loved the result. Another spot could be the colorful carousel at the bottom, but you need to arrive early if you need the place all to yourself, otherwise you will have plenty of people sitting on the grass in the back. You can also use the telescope in front of the cathedral for a beautiful panoramic picture.

10. Accommodation with a view

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with stunning architecture and design. Its old buildings are just picture perfect, this is why I have spent hours trying to find accommodation. I’ve always dreamed about waking up to a beautiful & iconic terrace in Paris and have breakfast there. And my dream finally came true, but now I know I have to go again in summer time and repeat this experience.   This will, of course, depend on your budget for accommodation, but I do recommend trying Airbnb for the best prices and the best terraces, as well. We chose an apartment just 10 minutes away from Sacré Coeur by foot and totally loved it. If you budget allows you, there are some amazing places with Eiffel Tower view that will steal your heart.

These are my 10 Instagrammable places in Paris and I can say we checked a lot in the 3 days we spent in the city this time. To be honest, there are so many Instagrammable cafés in Paris that it would take me weeks to mention.

If you have more time, I will leave you other suggestions here as well, both popular places and cafés:

         Avenue de Camoens for Eiffel Tower view

         Café du Trocadéro – Place du Trocadéro

       Ladurée, which you have to visit even if you don’t like taking pictures. The macaroons here are the best! (you have many locations around the city)

         Café de Flore – Boulevard Saint-Germain

         Café Marly for the best view of the Louvre 

PS: If you visit Paris during winter, I recommend putting Galeries Lafayette on the list too, the Christmas tree there is one of the best. The rooftop terrace has a killer view of the Eiffel Tower as well. The Dior store on Avenue Montaigne has the best design every December, so be sure to pay it a visit.

Picking only 10 Instagrammable places in Paris is almost impossible so I included more and you can pick. If you like them and choose to take pictures there, I would love to see your amazing work so be sure to tag me on Instagram or Facebook so I can check them out!

Enjoy Paris!

Lots of love, Blonde around the World

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