Sleeping under the Stars at Wadi Rum Starlight Camp

On our third day in Jordan we decided to trade the 5-star hotel with a 5 billion-star tent in the middle of Wadi Rum Desert and this turned out to be one of the most amazing memories from this beautiful country. Our choice was Starlight Camp and I will tell you bellow everything you need to know about our dreamy adventure!

Offering the best sunset & sunrise spots in Wadi Rum, Starlight is the best bedouin camp in the Jordanian desert. With around 19 years of experience, they made sure we have the best memories to take home with us.

Being located 11 km away from Wadi Rum Village (the place where you will leave your rental car while you are in the desert), Starlight Camp gives you the chance to actually sleep in the middle of the desert. You will be surrounded only by the red-orange sand and the amazing rock formations. It’s like you have teleported yourself on Mars for one day.

Starlight Camp offers two tent categories (and I will tell you all about that in the next section), shared bathrooms with four western toilets and two showers and one big tent called the Community Tent where all the guests gather for breakfast & dinner.

It might get quite chilly in the desert in the evening and night, but Starlight Camp offers free Bedouin coats to use during your stay and as many fluffy blankets as you need to stay warm. 

As I said above, Starlight Camp offers two tent categories and it is very important to read all the information before choosing one so you can get the best experience. You will have to pick between the regular and the full stars tent.

Full Stars Tent

We went for the second choice and I have to say it was totally worth it. The Full Stars Tent has a glass window right by the bed which allows you to watch the stars all night long from underneath your fluffy blanket. And believe me, Wadi Rum Desert is probably the best place in the world for stars watching. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the sky looked, just like a painting and I kept waking up all night long to see that beauty one more time.

The most amazing memory was seeing a falling star right from the bed with my fiancé. I truly hope that wish will come true for both of us J

Another plus for the full stars tent is the small bathroom included which is definitely pretty cool for a tent. It has everything you need: a toilet, a sink and even a shower. How awesome is that?

Regular Tent

If you want a cheaper option, then go for the regular tent with no hesitation. Even though it is smaller and has no bathroom included, you get to sleep under the same amazing sky and you will never forget that experience. The shared bathroom is big and clean and you won’t even feel the difference for 1 or 2 nights.

All the tents have electricity from solar panels and even plugs to charge your phone. WiFi is available in the Community Tent for around two hours while having dinner which allows you to disconnect for the rest of the time and enjoy the experience.

In the morning, you will have to rush to the Community Tent at 7 o’clock to enjoy a continental breakfast composed of local food. Getting some fuel in the morning is important so you can fully enjoy the rest of your adventure in the desert.

But what I loved the most was the surprise dinnerZarbchicken and vegetables cooked in the ground by traditional Bedouin technique.  Yummy!

The funny part was that I had no idea what are we going to eat. When dinner was ready, our guide came to our room and called us to the Community Tent. When we arrived there, everyone was gathering around a pile of sand. I thought it was a joke, but then the Bedouins started to dig a hole in the sand. And there it was…our dinner was ready and looking so yummy that I couldn’t wait to taste it. Besides this, we had a selection of salads and traditional appetizers. Traditional Bedouin Tea was available all evening.

We wanted our desert experience to be complete, so before leaving back to Petra, we decided to have a jeep adventure in Wadi Rum. This turned out to be a great idea and allowed us to explore this magical place more. As Starlight Camp says „Wadi Rum is full of beautiful scenic areas” and they proved us this is true.

We had a 4 hours jeep tour, but you can choose the option that suits you better. You will find all the details, including prices on their website. Just click the link here and see their packages which also include the accommodation for one night:

You can also opt for a camel ride experience for an additional fee. To be honest, we choose not to do this because I am not a big fan of riding, but on our jeep adventure, we met lots of cute camels and took pictures with them.

Here you can find all the details:


As I said above, Starlight Camp is located 11 km away from Wadi Rum Village. You will have to arrive there with your rental car/private transfer/bus and you will be picked up by jeep from a representative of the Camp.

PS: On the way, you will pass by Wadi Rum Visitors Center where you will have to stop and put a stamp on your Jordan Pass or, if you don’t have one, pay a tax for sleeping in the desert.

When you are booking your desert adventure, make sure you choose a package that includes your transfer to the camp because there is no other way to get there.

You can find many packages on Starlight Camp website with everything you need, including prices:

The good news is that you can also ask for a personalized offer with all your preferences. Just fill in the form and you will soon be contacted by a representative, most likely directly by Suleiman Sabbah, which was born and bred in Wadi Rum and can give you the best advice:

This was our amazing desert experience at Wadi Rum Starlight Camp and we really recommend you to try it if you have the chance. If I forgot to tell you something and you have questions, I am waiting for your comments below and I will answer as soon as possible. 


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