The one activity you should not miss in Capri

Capri Island is renowned as being the most beautiful and luxurious place in Italy and I fell in love with it five years ago on a girls trip. I knew I have to come back one day and enjoy La Dolce Vita in style. Two weeks ago, my fiancé and I were lucky enough to visit this dreamy place together and I cannot wait to tell you all about it. I want to dedicate this article to the one activity you should not miss if you visit Capri – taking a boat tour of the island. While Capri has some amazing places to visit on land, nothing can compare to spending one day on the sea around this magical island. We had an unforgettable afternoon thanks to Capri Island Tour which I totally recommend choosing if you ever visit the area!

Millions of tourists visit the small island of Capri every year due to its undeniable beauty. There are many amazing tourist attractions on land, but to get the true taste of it, you have to change perspective and visit the island by boat. Let yourself be charmed by the dreamy sights from the water, visit the popular Blue Grotto to see how beautiful can it be on the inside, get closer to the Faraglioni and, the most important, stop and swim wherever you want.

Only by boat you can discover the amazing colors of the water that ranges from emerald green to the deepest blue and turquoise.

As a plus, a boat tour can give you the perfect opportunity to relax away from the crowds and roaming tourists. Get yourself a bottle of prosecco and forget about everything for a while!

A young and hard working team, composed by Antonello Palmieri and Daniele Federico, who is ready to make your holiday in Capri unforgettable. They have excellent navigating skills and are keen on offering memories for a lifetime.

Capri Island Tour awaits you with “gozzo” boats – the most popular style of boat for tours around the island. 

The coolest thing is that Capri Island Tour is the number 1 boat tour company in Capri according to Tripadvisor, a place that can only be earned by working with devotement and pleasure.

You can read everything you need to know about the services, tours and even prices by clicking HERE.

They offer various tours for Capri depending on your budget and how many hours you want to spend on the boat, but also Amalfi Coast tours and transfers to Positano, Amalfi, Praiano or Sorrento.

We arrived early in the morning in Capri, checked-in at our beautiful villa and decided to meet with Daniele around midday at Marina Grande for our boat tour.

Since we were a little hungry, we though there is nothing better than pizza and prosecco for lunch. We stopped in Marina Grande, took everything we needed and we were ready to enjoy the afternoon on the sea.

Daniele showed us the most popular places: Scugnizzo statue, Tiberius’ Leap, Corral Grotto, White Grotto, Natural Arch, Villa Malaparte, Faraglioni and Marina Piccola. Unfortunately, we were not able to see the Blue Grotto since the sea was a little too nervous, but ending the day with Faraglioni view was magical. 

Something sad happened too, but it obviously had nothing to do with Capri Island Tour: our drone fell in love with Capri too and decided to remain there, near the Faraglioni to be more precise.

We filmed and took lots of beautiful shots before she went crazy due to low battery and drowned in the Mediterranean. Before saying Good Bye, she hit my leg and left me some bloody memories. Even though the water was still cold, my fiancé jumped directly into the water trying to save it, but we had no luck. We left all our memories there, but we were somehow at peace because she really chose well. How could you not want to stay in this paradise?

This being said, if you ever arrive in beautiful Capri, be sure to take an island tour. Believe me, you will then understand why Capri is considered such a beautiful place and why tourists from all around the world put this island on their list. Capri Island Tour is the best boating company and I recommend their services with all my heart! 


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