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Hey, guys! It is my 14th day of quarantine today so I already know all the pictures in my phone and laptop. This being said, I miss Tulum and I thought it will be a good occasion to share with you the best Instagram spots so you can visit them when all the madness goes away! If you are planning to visit Tulum in the near future, you can find my recommendations below. To be honest, I really hope we will make it back there soon as well because our time was just too short.

1. Ahau Tulum

This place was an instant crush for me so this is why I am putting it first. Before going on a holiday, I always do my research and I mostly know which are the best photo spots so I plan our outfits and poses way ahead. But, to be honest, I had no idea this place existed before spotting it from the car while driving towards a popular beach club.

I am talking about a massive wood and leaves sculpture at the entrance of Ahau Tulum. The attention to details is insane, but the message is even more important. In my head, it is Mother Nature who is opens her heart and welcomes us all. We should remember not to take this for granted and take care of what we receive. 

PS: Since it is situated exactly at the entrance, there is no cost for taking photos and be amazed by this impressive sculpture!

2. Nomade Tulum

 Let’s move on to my favorite beach club in Tulum. We have not visited in the peak season (meaning December-February). Instead we chose going there in summer months which turned out to be an excellent decision: the weather was perfect (sunny and hot, but with a windy touch) and the places were not as crowded as I have imagined. This being said, while I understood Nomade can be overcrowded in peak season, we have enjoyed some magical days there. For me, it is the boho lovers’ dream

PS1: We did not stay at Nomade (even though I imagine it would have been amazing), but we opted for the day access which meant spending a minimum amount on the beach. If I remember correctly, it was 70$/person.

PS2: We loved the food. Flavourful and lots of options! Top that with a Corona Beer (the only corona I want in my life) and you have perfection for a hot summer day! 

3. Azulik

Everyone that decides to visit Tulum, must know about Azulik. I think it is the first photo I have seen from this place that attracted my attention. This resort is insane! The architecture and design of each villa, the spa, the restaurants and even the entrance is amazing! And the most interesting part for me, it’s the fact that they have used local materials to create almost everything on the property while also being innovative and extremely creative! 

At the same time, Azulik is very expensive (at least for us), a room being over 1000 euros/night. It is indeed an unique experience and I guess it would be worth it for one night, but it is up to your budget!

PS1: Since we didn’t want to spend that crazy amount for accommodation, we’ve opted for the day access which meant spending a minimum amount on the beach. If I remember correctly, it was 75-80$ each.

PS2: There was a down side for that: the beach was covered in seaweed when we were there which was not very attractive, but we still had a great time!

PS3: Only a few food options on the beach, but those were good!

4. Habitas Tulum

Ever since I saw this place on Instagram, I was eager to spend a day at their boho pool with sea view. I loved all the details for the beach club: fluffy sun beds, cool wooden chairs, hammocks in the palm trees. The restaurant looked so cool and it had lots of food choices. It was probably the best meal we had in Tulum. 

Also, a big plus for the friendly staff! It felt like a big family. When we were there, it was pretty empty – just a few couples – which contributed at our chill day. After running like crazy for 2 weeks to see everything we could, it was exactly what we needed.

PS: The day access meant a minimum spend of 70$/person, but it was worth it since we stayed all day long enjoying breakfast, lunch and snacks, plus delicious drinks!  

5. Matcha Mama

If you love smoothie bowls and vegan treats, Matcha Mama is the perfect place for you. I have obviously found this place on Instagram and I was totally eager to try it. I have to mention that they have two locations now: one in the beach area on Carretera Tulum-Boca Paila and one in Downtown Tulum. Depending on where you are staying, you can choose the most suitable for you. Regarding design, both are pretty similar so I guarantee great pictures no matter the choice. We went for Downtown Tulum because I thought it might be less crowded.

PS: My favorite was Acai Berry Bowl. We also had a delicious smoothie with mango and peanut butter that I would recommend!

6. BE Tulum

This was actually the first beach club we have visited in Tulum and it was great for opening our appetite. It is located next door from Nomade and they share the same beach and style. We were so hungry and the food from the beach restaurant is simply Amazing!  A table under the palm trees with sea view and tasty food. What more can you wish for?

PS1: If you are a seafood fan, go for the octopus! It was perfectly cooked!

PS2: I don’t remember exactly to share the amount with you, but I know that they had the lowest minimum spend for day access from all the beach clubs we’ve visited in Tulum! Basically, it was enough to have lunch and drinks there.

7. Follow That Dream Sign

If you are following travel bloggers/influencers on Instagram, you must be familiar with the Follow That Dream Sign. Well, we couldn’t miss it as well so on our way to the beach, we made a quick stop. This sign is located on Carretera Tulum-Boca Paila and the exact location can be found by searching Lolita Lolita Tulum on Google Maps. 

8. Casa Malca

While visiting Tulum, we had to stop to the famous house of Pablo Escobar as well. Being situated close to Nomade Tulum, we only took a quick visit, but we decided not to spend the day even if this was possible without staying at their hotel. The reason was the lack of time for us, but I am sure we will go back one day.

Casa Malca is perfect for art lovers because you will find incredible rare pieces all around the hotel. The most Instagrammable spot is the swing between the wedding dress curtain just outside the reception. I was sure it was just a massive curtain from the pictures, but I’ve found out that it is actually made from wedding dresses which made it a little scary, but still interesting.

PS: From what I have read, for day access, you need to spend 45$/person towards food & drinks.

9. Gran Cenote

You cannot say you have been to Tulum without a visit to the close-by cenotes. If you are wondering what is a cenote, well it is basically a natural pool resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath. The water usually has a beautiful turquoise color that is really inviting.

Gran Cenote is the biggest one in the area and obviously the most expensive: 10 $/person.

Be prepared to have a full shower since the workers there are extremely strict with their rules. Their objective is to protect the flora and fauna that is living in the cenote which is really important and understandable, but I truly believe they are exaggerating.

For example, I just wanted to keep my feet in the water from the stairs since I was a bit afraid of swimming there because of the bats and all the insects that were roaming around. Gabriel was bitten many times, but I still wanted to enjoy that beautiful place for a while and take some beautiful shots. For me to keep my bikini on, they said it is mandatory to shower from head to toes (and have my hair wet) even if I did not enter the water, which seemed really crazy for me!  

10. Cenote Calavera

The last Instagram worthy spot that we have visited in Tulum was Cenote Calavera. This cenote is way smaller and less popular than the previous one, but I recommend putting it on the list. It has a big swing in the middle and you can enter by jumping (which was not an option for me, but Gabriel was pretty happy to do it) or by going down on a big wooden stair. There were around 3-4 couples when we arrived and lots of bats in the cave (scary for me!).

We paid 7 dollars each at the entrance and I have to say there were no strict rules for this place which makes it more enjoyable than Gran Cenote.

These were the main Instagrammable spots we have visited in Tulum, but if you have time, I recommend adding Playa Papaya and La Valise to the list. Also, if your budget allows, I would definitely suggest spending one night at Azulik. Their villas are out of this world!

While writing about the cool places in Tulum, I remembered all our Mexican adventures so I am going to share more with you soon. Stay tuned!


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