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Weekend Getaway at Premier Luxury Mountain Resort in Bansko, Bulgaria

If you have been following my journey, then you would know for sure I am not a big fan of winter and I have nothing in common with winter sports. My fiancé loves snowboarding on the other hand so he convinced me to have a snowy getaway in our neighborhood country, Bulgaria. Our first stop was Premier Luxury Mountain Resort in Bansko and I will include all the details of our snowy experience below!

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Our Dinner Experience at Amvrosia Restaurant in Bansko

As I have already told you in my related post “Weekend Getaway at Premier Luxury Mountain Resort in Bansko, Bulgaria”, if you want to dine in style in Bansko, you have to try Amvrosia Restaurant!
You can find this awarded restaurant at the Premier Luxury Mountain Resort, just 700 meters away from the ski lift and I promise you will be delighted with their delicious dishes: salads, cold & hot appetizers, soups, meat & fish main dishes, prime cuts and desserts!

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The 10 coolest things I did in 2018

Still can’t believe another year is gone, but at the same time it feels like so much has happened in 2018 that I am afraid 10 things will not be enough for me to summarize our coolest adventures!

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10+ Instagrammable Places in Paris

I asked, you voted, so here you can find all the Instagrammable Spots I discovered in my last Paris getaway. I still have to mention that the City of Love has Instagrammable places at every corner, you just need the time to discover them step by step. I will also include maps to each place I recommend so it will be easier for you to find!

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