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Weekend Getaway at Premier Luxury Mountain Resort in Bansko, Bulgaria

If you have been following my journey, then you would know for sure I am not a big fan of winter and I have nothing in common with winter sports. My fiancé loves snowboarding on the other hand so he convinced me to have a snowy getaway in our neighborhood country, Bulgaria. Our first stop was Premier Luxury Mountain Resort in Bansko and I will include all the details of our snowy experience below!

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I will never forget my first full collaboration with Grand Palace, a 5 starts hotel situated right in the heart if Rome offering stunning views over Via Veneto. I trully felt La Dolce Vita!



sri lanka

I am probably biased because here I had my first flowers bath and felt like a princess, but this amazing ocean front hotel in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka stole my heart for good!




Fletcher Hotel makes it to this top for its originality. Staying in their Executive Suites makes you feel like your arrived on the moon,. They even have a telescope if you need a closer look!