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One day in my Christmassy Alsace –Strasbourg and Riquewihr

[:en]Joyeux Noel from the magical Alsace![:]

As many of you already know, two days ago I have told you all about Colmar, my first stop in Alsace. If you have not seen the magical blog post, click HERE and check it out. Here you can also find all about how to arrive in Alsace, where to stay and the itinerary we followed.

Today, I am going to make you fall in love with my other two stops, both situated on the Alsatian Wine Route. Let’s explore them together




Second stop of the day was Strasbourg, also known as the capital of Christmas, being the capital and largest city of Alsace and also the official seat of the European Parliament.

Founded in 1570, Strasbourg has the oldest Christmas market in France and probably the most famous. And if you are lucky enough to visit, you will understand why. Seemingly right out of a fairytale, Strasbourg’s streets and colorful houses will brighten your day. And when the night will come, you will understand the meaning of magic.




I was lucky enough to visit these amazing places with my love and my beautiful friend, Emma, which made everything even brighter.




Do not miss:

  • The Old Town
  • Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg
  • Quartier des Tanneurs (La Petite France)
  • Quai des Pêcheurs







We just wandered the cobbled streets and enjoyed the jolly atmosphere. We could not get enough. The Christmas market is huge and it is the perfect place to get some gifts for your loved ones.








  • Riquewihr

Our third stop was Riquewihr, this tiny town situated just 15 km from Colmar. I did not know about the existence of this charming place, but three weeks before the trip, Condé Nast Traveler, if I recall correctly, recommended it as a beautiful destination for Christmas decorations so I had to check it out.


Sadly, we arrived at 18.45 so a little late and the Christmas market was closed (you should check the schedule in advance, I think it is 10.00-18.30), but we took a lovely walk on the almost empty streets and we promised ourselves we will be back.

This cobblestoned town in Alsace is a marvel to the eyes. You will see the same architecture – gingerbread colorful houses everywhere, but also magical Christmas decorations. I totally recommend paying it a visit.







This was our itinerary since we only had one day at our disposal, but if you do have more time, but sure to enjoy it all step by step. Alsatian Wine Route is full of magical places for you to explore, starting with Mulhouse which we explored one morning for like 30 minutes.








If you are planning to stay longer and explore France, I would also recommend paying a visit to Annecy, another gem of this country which is located between Lyon and Geneva. Travel Letters inspired me to put this on my bucketlist and you can also find more about this HERE.



For lunch, we found this cute traditional restaurant near the Cathedral in Strasbourg called The Gruber which practically called us to have lunch there. The inside reminded me of Hansel and Gretel story from my childhood. Since it was our first proper meal in Alsace, we listened to Emma and experienced one of the traditional dishes – flammekueche. It seems like a pizza and it is really tasty so be sure to try it out.

Because I am a big fan, we also got a portion of foie gras which was yummy and went really well with the Alsatian wine.

That being said Alsatian cuisine made the trick and convinced us we should be back exploring as soon as possible.









Why should you visit? Well, I think I’ve answered this question on the entire post. I now know why I have always wanted to visit this area. The East of France has charming places prepared for you to discover with incredible architecture, tasty food, mulled wine and lovely Christmas markets and decorations. And I must add to the list the fact that it is also affordable, even cheap if you compare it with Switzerland. As an example lunch for three in Strasbourg and dinner in Colmar cost us around 50 Eur each. A cup of mulled wine in the Christmas Market was 2.5 Eur and a Cheese Bratwurst (the tastiest ever) was 5 Eur.


That being said, this was my magical day in Christmassy Alsace, a place you should definitely put on your travel list. I would also love to be back in summertime and explore a little more.

For any other tips & tricks, I am waiting you on Facebook and Instagram.


I wish you all a magical December,

Blonde around the World 



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