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The one activity you should not miss at Como Lake

We had a lovely day discovering the middle of Como Lake with Boat2Go and I will tell you all about it right now!

Pentru varianta în limba romana, apasa AICI.

As I said in my previous post, this Northern region of Italy is known all over the world as one of the most luxurious and beautiful, so you should definitely put it on your bucketlist as soon as possible. But, to have the true taste of it, you also need to take a boat ride and discover it on the lake itself.

We had a lovely day discovering the middle of Como Lake with Boat2Go and I will tell you all about it right now!❤


Well, the answer to this is quite simple. This is the greatest way to admire the lake and the stunning architecture of the luxurious villas on the coast.

If you have enough time at your disposal, you can visit the Como Lake Region by car which was our first attempt. There are so many coastal towns and villages worth visiting without being in the spotlight. Still, if you are at your first visit, you must put Como, Bellagio and Varenna on the list for the classical experience. And what better way to see them than on the lake itself?

Boat rides are known to create happiness because they give you a sense of true freedom and peace. Have you ever stood up in the back of a boat and just take in all the sun and breeze? It is like your very own Titanic moment.

You can simply admire everything around you: nature and houses by far or you are in charge to decide where you should take a closer look.

Even better, at Como Lake you can decide to visit the famous villas around the lake or simply hop off at famous restaurants such as Grand Hotel Tremezzo to sip a cup of good Italian coffee.

If you are searching for privacy, boat rental is the best way to find it.


At Boat2Go, you can find a welcoming team, new on the market, ready to spoil you and offer the best experience at Como Lake. We were lucky enough to meet the owners, Margherita and Marco, who were so kind and gave us all the information we needed.

Located in a small coastal village called Vassena in Oliveto Lario, between Lecco and Bellagio, they offer high quality boat rentals, water sports rentals, fishing rentals.  In their fleet, you can find brand new Tullio Abbate “Sunshine 500” boats, perfect for speed lovers. They can also provide single and double kayaks, innovative BIC brand kayaks, and Stand Up Paddleboards.

PS: No boating license needed, you can go just by yourself and decide the schedule.

You can find everything you need to know, including their prices by clicking on the link below:



The location of Boat2Go is perfect for exploring the best places the lake has to offer.

Being located in Oliveto Lario, as mentioned above, so just 7 kilometers away from Bellagio, it gives you the best spot to start your adventure without having to stress yourself with parking places in crowded towns such as Bellagio, Como, Lecco or Varenna. You can find parking spots just 2 minutes away from the departure point and Boat2Go will help you find that.

As a plus, what I really like as an animal lover, is the fact that they are pet friendly and they encourage you to take your little friend with you 🙂

Of course, their prices also recommend them so if you want an affordable ride in a brand new boat, Boat2Go is your answer.


I will now tell you more about the itinerary we chose for our boat ride, but of course it is up to you and your preferences. You can even just position yourself in front of your favorite place on the lake and enjoy a glass of champagne or fresh fruit while admiring all the beauty around you.

We decided to do a little bit of both:

– We started with the picturesque village of Pescallo, followed by the beautiful and unique Bellagio, with its two popular villas Serbelloni and Melzi d’Eril. I must say Bellagio, which represents the middle of the lake, looks amazing from the water and the pictures speak for themselves. We have also visited Bellagio by foot one day and I will tell you all about that experience in my next travel blog about mandatory places to see at Como Lake.

– We continued with Varenna from afar and crossed the lake close to Mennagio and Tremezzo, where you can find the glamorous Grand Hotel Tremezzo and Villa Carlotta.

–  We then got to the famous Villa Balbianello in the comune of Lenno, probably the most visited villa on the lake due to its elaborate terraced gardens. I must admit the place was too crowded for our taste and we skipped visiting for this reason, but the good news is that if we do decide to visit, you can do it by boat. We decided to enjoy the place from the boat instead and popped a bottle of prosecco right in front of it! Ah, il dolce far niente! â¤

– And last, but not least, we got to my favorite part of the lake – Villa Casinella, a hidden gem recommend by Margherita and Marco from Boat2Go which totally stole my heart. Look how beautiful this villa can be!

You can of course, make your own itinerary based on your preferences and I will leave you a link right here with all the attractions recommended by Boat2Go:

This was our magical experience with Boat2Go and I encourage you to book your own as soon as possible!



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  1. we spend around 3 hours because we wanted to explore more, but one hour should be fine if you just want to experience this activity 🙂

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