The 7 Most Instagrammable spots in Copenhagen

„Do it for the Gram”, they say, so I might as well tell you the most Instagrammable places we found in Copenhagen!

„Do it for the Gram”, they say, so I might as well tell you the most Instagrammable places we found in Copenhagen:

  1. Nyvahn for the colorful houses

I know I have also included Nyvahn in my Top 10 Mandatory things to do in Copenhagen, but how could I not? This is definitely the most beautiful and Instagrammable place in town and I think no Copenhagen trip is complete without spending some time here. I must confess that we actually visited it every day in our holiday, even multiple times, if I am being honest.

Those cute colorful houses are just picture perfect and top that with a long list of great restaurants and cafés with a view! The Instagrammers heaven!

PS: If you go at the middle of the canal, you will find the perfect picture spot with the yellow Nyvahn restaurant in the background.

  1. The Union Kitchen for the personalized coffee

I must say I did some research before heading to Copenhagen since I didn’t know many things about the city. This is how I discovered this cute coffee shop that I knew we have to visit. As I have already confessed in one of my previous travel blogs, I don’t drink coffee at all, but I am lucky to have my boyfriend always by my side and he that is quite happy when he sees a cup of coffee on the table.

I totally recommend going to Union Kitchen for their personalized coffee with cute messages and for the yummy truffle fries. As for the rest of the food, we arrived there in the afternoon so they only had the evening menu available. I am sorry to say I don’t recommend it since it is only composed by meat and fish balls and they weren’t certainly my cup of tea since I don’t really like minced meat. A big plus for the friendly service though.

PS: I have read the day menu and it looks quite good, so maybe try to arrive before 4 PM if you want to try the food also.

  1. Feel Good Café for their yummy smoothie bowls

I have a crush on cute smoothie bowls since I have seen so many pictures with this dish from Bali and I didn’t manage to actually eat when we were there last year. We didn’t plan to go to Feel Good Café, but one day we just passed by since it is situated just 3 minutes away from Kong Arthur Hotel where we stayed for our Copenhagen trip. We saw some girls eating their delicious smoothie bowls and we decided to stay.

The whole menu looked great, but the café had one downside though. If you are going in the weekend, be prepared to wait a lot for your order. It took them more than 15 minutes to get us the still water to begin with and around 40 minutes for the smoothie bowl (it was delicious though). But, at least, we had such an incredible sunny weather and staying on the terrace wasn’t bad at all.

  1. Rosenborg Castle for the fairytale atmosphere

Want to feel like a princess for the day? Well, you should head to King’s Garden then and place yourself in front of the Rosenborg Castle. You can even make a picnic there if you come prepared. Unfortunately, we lacked the picnic equipment, but we sure did enjoy this cool picture spot.

  1. Copenhagen Canals

Copenhagen is popular for its beautiful canals and they sure offer some incredible spots for the gram. Since we have enjoyed two boat canal tours, we sure had the time to search for the best spots in town. If I had to choose one favorite, I would definitely go at the Borsen – The Stock Exchange because I have loved its dragon spire. Doesn’t it look picture perfect?

PS: I have to thank the sun for showing up in time for this shot to even exist. Nobody likes a moody Instagram picture, right?

  1. Torvehallerne Market for food inspiration

This is the food market I was talking about in my previous blog regarding My Top 10 Mandatory Things to Do in Copenhagen when I mentioned eating the best sushi ever. SushiLovers Restaurant is actually situated just in the heart of the market alongside with many other delicious ones. You cannot know what to choose from all those goodies and the good news is that they are all perfect for the gram. Starting with sushi which is always Instagrammable with that perfect shape and colorful ingredients and continuing with the perfect tapas or the yummy smørrebrød.


  1. Munchies Copenhagen at Christianshavn for Bubble Waffle

I know I have already mentioned this one in My Top 10 Mandatory Things to Do in Copenhagen, but how could I not mention it again? Seriously, guys, have you seen how cute they look? The good news is that Bubble Waffle is delicious and also located in one of the most beautiful areas of Copenhagen, so be sure to cross them off the list!

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