My Cozy Experience at Kong Arthur Hotel Copenhagen

If we ever go back to Copenhagen, Kong Arthur Hotel will definitely be our first choice for accommodation since we loved our cozy experience so much! We were just sad we couldn't stay more!

If you are already following my blog, you know by now the Top 10 Things that you shouldn’t miss in Copenhagen, the best Boat Rental Companywhich are the most Instagrammable places in town and where to eat delicious and good looking food.

I am sure I am not the only one who thinks there is some important information missing though – accommodation. In this article I will give you all the details regarding the best place to stay in Copenhagen – your home away from home – Kong Arthur Hotel.


Hotel: Kong Arthur Hotel

Location: Copenhagen

Type: Boutique Hotel

Prices: starting from 144 Eur/night


Kong Arthur is part of the Arthur Hotels chain together with Ibsens, both being small, sustainable, well located boutique hotels in the heart of Copenhagen.

Arthur Hotels promote the home away from home concept offering their family members the best services, friendly and kind staff, cozy reception with a big lounge area where you can find comfortable sofas, pillows in the window sill, interesting books and magazines to entertain yourself with, snacks and cocktails, a lit fireplace and even chess boards. Doesn’t it sound like home already?

Kong Arthur Hotel is composed of four different buildings that host 155 rooms: single and double rooms, suites and 2 large penthouse apartments called Arthur Aparts.

They also offer 3 in-house restaurants: Italian La Rocca, Spanish Pintxos and Japanese Sticks’n’Sushi.

One thing I really loved about this place was the old story behind it – „3 girls running a hotel” which is actually true nowadays meaning that Arthur Hotels is run by 3 women occupying the top positions: CEO, COO and CCO. And since we checked in at Kong Arthur Hotel just after the Beyoncé & Jay-Z concert, I could only think about her lyrics: „Who run the world? Girls!


The homey atmosphere that I was talking about before is present in the rooms as well which offered us the chance of sleeping like babies. As I told you already, we checked in immediately after the Beyoncé & Jay-Z concert so we were pretty tired and needed some time to relax.

Kong Arthur Hotel was the perfect place to do that and stole our heart with its coziness. They even had rattan baskets with blankets in them so you can keep warm on the sofa or on the window chair. How could you not love that? I always admire the attention to details when I visit a new hotel.

Last, but not least, I have to say a few words about the magical view we had. Since our suite was situated in the original building dating from 1882, we had the chance to see one of the inner lakes of Copenhagen from our window. We could even see the sun hiding in the evening after the colorful houses. And since we were in Copenhagen in time for the white nights, we enjoyed that stunning view till midnight.


Don’t panic, it’s organic! This is the hotel motto for breakfast and I loved the idea. As a plus, Kong Arthur wishes to diversify and to offer you more than a regular breakfast like any other hotel in the world. That is why they give their guests an experience of the region by offering quality ingredients from the Nordic Cuisine such as home made jam from fresh berries, butter from local dairy farms, traditional Danish pastry, handmade sheep and cow’s milk cheese and yogurt, meat and charcuterie from one of the largest organic farms in Denmark, organic eggs and cream, fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit.

It was really hard to decide what to eat since everything looked so good, but all those fresh berries had to be mine. PS: You cannot imagine how tasty the crispy bacon was! Yummy! Can I please have a special delivery tomorrow morning?

Besides the delicious organic breakfast, Kong Arthur Hotel has a big plus from my part for the beautiful breakfast area where they welcome you every morning between 7.00-10.00 AM (Monday-Friday) and 7.30 to 10.30 AM (Weekend and holidays). The breakfast room is actually a glass garden so you will start your morning in a place full of light, lovely atmosphere and helpful staff.


How could Arthur Hotels offer the ultimate relaxation for its guests? By building the biggest spa in Copenhagen, of course – Ni’mat Massage & Spa.

If you want to be pampered, this is definitely the place for you. The luxurious spa welcomes you with various massages and spa treatments inspired by Asian traditions (and believe me, Asians are the best at this chapter). The name itself recommends the place: ni’mat means luxury in Indonesian.

Make sure you ask all the information when you arrive because they also offer some great packages for conference groups and businessmen.

PS: I loved spending time in the Jacuzzi and saunas area which offered us a moment of peace and relaxation in the morning before heading to the airport.


Location is always important in a citybreak because you want to see as many places as you can without wasting time and money on transportation, so Kong Arthur Hotel is a great option also from this point of view. It is situated right between the beautiful inner lakes of Copenhagen and buzzing downtown.

Offering accommodation just 7 minutes walk away from Norreport Station, Kong Arthur is easy to get to from the airport and the perfect starting point for exploring the city. Good news for the foodie lovers: the area is full of good restaurants and cozy cafés, including the famous Torvehallerne Food Market.

The public transportation system works perfectly in Copenhagen, but if you want to arrive by car, Kong Arthur offers many parking places, both outside the hotel and in the private car park.

If we ever go back to Copenhagen, Kong Arthur Hotel will definitely be our first choice for accommodation since we loved our cozy experience so much! We were just sad we couldn’t stay more!


On Saturday we are leaving for a new adventure so be sure to follow me on Instagram where I will post as much as I can on Instastories. I will be back in mid August on the blog with many new travel guides and travel tricks that you are going to love!  The last picture from today is from Copenhagen’s streets where I found a cute cafe with our next destination! Is this fate or what? ❤


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