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Summer in Sri Lanka and the itinerary we chose

I have one simple conclusion regarding Sri Lanka: Go and visit this beautiful country whose new name actually means “the beautiful island”!

Every summer we organize a longer holiday of around 14-20 days when we tend to run away as far as we can from home. I know there are so many European destinations to visit this time of the year, but we believe now is the time to explore as much as possible.

For summer 2018 we’ve planned to visit Aruba & Curacao because playing with cute pink flamingos is high on my bucketlist, but we had to change our plans on a short notice. Since I’ve previously received a proposal to experience the Maldives on a budget and share my adventure with you, we decided to go for it and added another destination from our wishlist – Sri Lanka (PS: I am going to write all about Maldives on a budget as soon as possible and you are going to love it!)

have one simple conclusion regarding Sri LankaGo and visit this beautiful country whose new name actually means “the beautiful island” (it was previously called Ceylon – yes, the famous “British” tea).

I am going to tell you bellow the itinerary we chose since you have quite a lot to discover and it can be difficult to organize your trip and then I will try to make you fall in love with Sri Lanka by posting 15 pictures that I like the most from our holiday.
In the next few weeks, I will give you details about which accommodation to chose, both luxury and on a budget, as promised, what attractions are mandatory, which means of transportation I recommend, safety information and lots of tips & tricks so you will have the best Sri Lankan adventure.


Our itinerary for 10 nights from Colombo Airport:

– Kandy
– Dambulla
– Sigiriya
– Ella
– Galle
– Unawatuna
– Mirissa
– Colombo

Unfortunately, we only had 10 nights – 11 days at our disposal for this beautiful country and we would have needed so much more, but just look at the following 15 pictures which represent the highlights of our holiday and be sure to put Sri Lanka on your travel list as soon as possible! 

Drinking tea at Theva Residency Kandy
Jacuzzi with a view at Theva Residency Kandy
Elephant Safari at Minneriya National Park with Lakpura Travels
Jeep Safari with Lakpura Travels
Hiking Pidurangala Rock in Sigiriya
Eating traditional Sri Lankan food
Overlooking the tea fields in the tea country
Scenic train ride from Ella
Morning view at Nine Arch Bridge in Ella
Breakfast with a view in Ella
Hiking Little Adam's Peak before the storm
Breakfast in paradise at KK Beach Unawatuna
Aerial view at KK Beach Hotel in Unawatuna
Swinging over the ocean at Dallawella Beach
One more swinging picture at Dallawella Beach, this time at sunset

I hope I managed to catch your attention already and stay tuned for my next post where I will give you all the details about the accommodation we chose in Kandy, our first stop in Sri Lanka!


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