Easter Table Set-up

Hello, guys, and welcome back! As most of you already know, my husband and I are Orthodox so tomorrow we are gonna celebrate Easter! This year will be a bit different since we are used to spend this holiday in our hometown with our families and loved ones, but we are trying to make the most of it at our Lake House. This being said, I have decided to share with you ideas for the Easter Table Set-up.

First Step - Dye the Easter Eggs

This is where you have to let your imagination play. The easiest and traditional way is to paint them red. I totally encourage this since religion teaches us to use this color that symbolizes the blood of Jesus. To be honest, I have used red for so many years I can’t even remember.
This year, since it will be a different one, I have decided to play with Pastel Colors. We know have pastel pink, purple, green and orange eggs. I have applied a gold touch at the end to make them unique. 
To obtain the colors, I have used 2 different types of egg paint – pastel colors and gold/silver. 

Second Step – Choose where to set up the table

If you have a balcony or patio, I recommend setting the table there because fresh spring air always helps. If you are living in an apartment and you don’t have a balcony, put the table near the windows and let the sun in.
We are lucky to be quarantined at our lake house where we have a big garden that will be perfect for our Easter celebration. 

Third Step – Prepare the decorations

Easter Bunny Eggs are such a cool way to bring your table to life. Just look how cute they are and so easy to do. You just need a napkin, an eggs, little string and a small flower (fresh or dried).
I have prepared some pictures to show you step by step how you obtain the Easter Bunny Eggs that look perfect on your plate.
You can also put many of them in a basket to make your table look full.

Fourth Step – Choose the cutlery, glasses and plates

This step is on you. Choose the cutest, yet simple plates you have and be sure to coordinate with your napkins so they look good together. If your napkins are white, trying using a colorful plate to have contrast. 

Fifth Step - Don’t forget the flowers

I am a big lover of flowers so I will always recommend having as many flowers as you can in the house. Especially on an important occasion such as Easter. There are so many beautiful flowers in Spring time, but I guess tulips and lilac are my favorites at the moment.

I hope you like my ideas and will use them for the Easter Table tomorrow. Cannot wait to see your results. I wish you happy and blessed holidays and try to forget what is happening in the world for a day and simply enjoy what you have!


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