My Top 10 Picnic Locations around the World

You can call me the Picnic Whisperer because I am a big fan and I always try to find new places for a new outdoor breakfast or lunch. When we travel, we usually have in our trunk everything we need for the perfect picnic because you never know what beautiful scenery we find along the way. Today, I have decided to share with you my favourite picnic experiences around the world!

1. Tulip Fields in the Netherlands

It was always a dream of mine to visit the tulips fields in the Netherlands and last year my wish came true. I am planning to write everything on the blog maybe it will be helpful for you next year since for now spring had been cancelled. We were so lucky to find an empty fields just outside Lisse that didn’t have fences and warning signs making sure we won’t enter the premises. You were only asked to be careful and don’t destroy the tulips which is fair enough from my point of view.

This was the perfect place for a spring picnic and we were lucky to have a beautiful sunny day for mid April in the Netherlands. A memory I will never forget.

You see me caring a bunch of tulips, but they were bought in the Flowers Market in Amsterdam for only 10 euros/50 pieces. Amazing price, right?


2. Comino Island in Malta

Comino Island is the most beautiful place in Malta in my opinion this being the reason why it is always incredibly crowded. We tried to catch the first boat in the morning, but unfortunately the boats from Gozo arrived before us so we couldn’t have the place all to ourselves. 

Seeing the situation gave us the best idea. We climbed a little and found the perfect spot for a picnic since we were hungry. We brought part of the goodies with us from Malta, but we also added a delicious pizza from the snack bar on Comino and a colourful  pineapple cocktail for me, plus a cold beer for Hubby.

This place is insanely beautiful and I definitely recommend not missing it if you visit Malta. 

3. On the Seine with Eiffel Tower View

Paris doesn’t need any introduction. It holds such a dear place into my heart since it was the first city I’ve visited outside Romania. I keep going back and probably will for the rest of time. The most beautiful part is that I always discover new places and new things to do. 

Last year, even though it was still pretty cold outside when we visited, we decided to have a romantic picnic on the Seine with the most emblematic view in town: the Eiffel Tower!

Delicious cheese selection, croissants, champagne and fruit, need I say more? The true Parisian feeling!

4. On top of a Trullo in Puglia

Visiting the Puglia Region in Italy and sleeping in a trullo was on my bucket list for many years. Seeing those cute little cone houses is amazing, but now imagine having a picnic on top of one! Anna from I Sette Coni in Cisternino fulfilled my dream and helped us climb the trullo we stayed in.

I would love to go back one day and enjoy more quiet days in vale d’atria and the delicious goodies that Anna prepares for breakfast.

You don’t have to travel far in order to have a great picnic. You just need a lake or a river. Picnics by the water are always peaceful and memorable.

Just take your love, your favorite goodies, a blanket and your picnic basket and you are good to go.

By The Lake is just 25 km away from Bucharest and the lake you can see from the property can be a great spot for a picnic. Being a peaceful location during week days, it can become pretty crowded on weekends since lots of fishing addicts are visiting.

We have enjoyed many picnics by the lake, but this was my favorite one because I had both my bestie and hubby with me.

6. On the cliff in Polignano a Mare

Ever since I saw this place in Polignano a Mare, I’ve imagined having a picnic there. It was a beautiful sunny day at the end of May and we are grateful for the beautiful moments we spend on the cliff. We brought some freshly baked croissants with fruit from Anna’s garden, the owner of I Sette Coni. The wind was slowly blowing making the perfect atmosphere. It was so beautiful that we’ve decided to stay till sunset.

7. On a Sandbank in the Maldives

Probably one of the most amazing experiences we had in our lives was having a picnic on a sandbank in the middle of the ocean. A boat and us two on a tiny little island with absolutely no one around. What a dream come true,

We are forever grateful for this experience to the guest house Kirulhyia Maldives that took care of everything. They have prepared the most delicious traditional breakfast for us and also packed some fresh tropical fruit in order to offer us an unforgettable experience. And they’ve really succeeded! 

8. Marble Beach in Thassos Island, Greece

Last year, my childhood friend, Ema, got married in Kavala Greece. Since we have decided to go there by car from Romania, we took some extra days and paid Thassos Island a visit. We’ve heard so many good thing about this place, being a popular destination for Romanians, easy to get to by car and also cheaper than other Greek destinations.

Marble Beach was the place that first attracted my attention in Thassos so we’ve decided to go there directly in our day trip to the island. Made a quick stop at a local supermarket just outside the port and took all the goodies we need for a delicious picnic: the traditional feta, tomatoes and olives, freshly baked pita and some seasonal fruit for dessert. 

The beach was extremely crowded at the beginning of July so we’ve found a place on the rocks just before the beach and we had it for ourselves. The water has unbelievable turquoise colour and we couldn’t wait to go in!

Given the situation nowadays with the general lockdown for Easter, we have decided that we shouldn’t let this ruin the holidays. We are lucky to be quarantined at our Lake House so we have a huge garden at our disposal perfect for our Easter Picnic.

Being at home was perfect since we have so many props to use for our picnic spread.I have at least 4 special picnic baskets on different colors and models. I am crazy, I know that already. As a plus, we had all the goodies we’ve prepared for Easter.

Everything was already green, the weather was perfect and we’ve spent all day long on the grass.

1O. Fairytale View in Val di Funes, Dolomites

I have left this one last because it was my favorite picnic ever. This view seems unreal even when you arrive there. We felt like we are having picnic in front of a picture perfect place.

We were staying in Bolzano at amazing Gloriette Guest House and they offer this cute service for their guests. When you decide, they prepare a cute picnic basket full of goodies with everything you need, including a blanket and you are good to go. Croissants, fresh fruit, water, Prosecco and the best view in the North of Italy!

We felt like the time stood still and it was the most beautiful moment from our Dolomites adventure!


I hope you have enjoyed our picnics around the world and that you know have Inspo for your future adventures! I will soon write a new article with picnic essentials to make it easy & enjoyable!

See you soon!


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