Our Itinerary for Mexico – Yucatan

Hey, guys, and welcome back to my Travel Blog! Today I want to share with you our itinerary for Mexico – The Yucatan Peninsula, the most popular area for tourists. I would recommend 3 weeks in order to enjoy everything on this trip. We only had 2 weeks and I wish we has more time at our disposal. I will also add the places which we are sad we couldn’t find the time to explore.

First Accommodation Spot

As you can already imagine, we have landed on the biggest airport in the area which is Cancun Airport. We have previously booked a car based on a recommendation and it was waiting for us at the airport.

We have decided to get accommodation in PLAYA DEL CARMEN first from where we could visit Cancun and Playa del Carmen by land plus the beautiful nearby islands.

We’ve spent one day in Cancun where I totally recommend seeing Playa Delfines.

To be honest, I am happy we chose Playa del Carmen as our accommodation because it was full of cool restaurants and the beach was amazing and close to our hotel. Palm trees and white sand – like a dream. As a plus, at night, Playa del Carmen is full of life.

We initially had in plan to do daytrips to both Cozumel and Isla Mujeres, but we got sunburnt in Cozumel and we decided to skip the second trip. Now we have a good reason to return as I would really love to spend more time on the islands. A day trip is definitely not enough and I have seen amazing pictures from Isla Mujeres.

You can easily access both islands by fast ferries. For example, for Cozumel, we paid 240 Mexican pesos/person (both ways) which means around 10 USD each. For visiting the island itself, I recommend staying at least one night and rent a scooter to see everything. If you only want to have a day trip, a guided tour would be the best idea, but be aware  it will be very commercial and touristy. To be honest, we were a bit disappointed with the tour we chose because everything is on fast forward.

Another island which is further away, but it is very popular now and apparently the most beautiful is Holbox. We didn’t have enough time at our disposal to make it so far, but we would be back for sure and I will allocate between 3-5 days to stay there.

Second Accommodation Spot

Next we went to VALLADOLID, a beautiful traditional town in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula. This is where we’ve had the most authentic experience in all Mexico and I am so happy we allowed ourselves to stay 4 days there.

As I’ve said already, we rented a car so it was easy for us to drive there. If this is not an option for you, there are daily buses that can take you there. If you travel by car, be aware there is a highway point where you have to pay a fee only by cash. There are no ATMs in the area and you cannot pay by card. To be honest, I cannot remember the amount, I think it was something between 10-15 dollars/way.

Valladolid is also a good starting point for visiting Chichen Itza and Rio Lagartos with Las Coloradas – The Pink Lakes. I would recommend spending at least one night in Rio Lagartos.

Chichen Itza is around 45 km away from Valladolid and we thought that this is the best starting point so we can be there before the opening hours. You can find Colectivos (small mini-buses that leave when they fill up) in the centre of town, but going by car allowed us to make our own schedule.

For details about Rio Lagartos and Las Coloradas, you can check the travel blog with our adventure HERE.

We also had time to visit some amazing cenotes in the area: the famous Ik Kil and Suytun, where you can actually find two, but I really cannot remember the name of the second one. You cannot say you have been to Mexico without visiting a cenote.

I am sad we couldn’t make it to Merida as well because I have seen some amazing pictures, but be sure to put it on your list if you have the time. Next time, we won’t miss it for sure!

Final Accommodation

Last accommodation spot was in TULUM where we were eager to discover all the cool beach clubs and restaurants and also enjoy some moments of relaxation. I have seen so many pictures from this place that I couldn’t wait to get there.

Many Instagrammers call this place the New Bali and, since Bali is my biggest love, imagine my excitement to discover it.

I am happy we chose Tulum as our last area to visit in Mexico because it meant staying under palm trees at fancy boho beach clubs, enjoying delicious food and drinking cold cocktails. This was the perfect way to end our Mexican Adventure.

We’ve also visited two cenotes in the area: the popular Gran Cenote and Cenote Calavera.

If you want to discover the coolest spots in Tulum, you will find an article on this subject HERE.

There are two more places we were not able to visit, but I would recommend seeing them if time allows you: Coba, an ancient Mayan city, especially if you are passionate about history, and Laguna Bacalar in southeastern Mexico near the Belize border, also known as the “Lake of Seven Colors”.

This was our itinerary in Mexico and we jumped on plane to Cuba because we couldn’t go back home without exploring the colorful Havana as well. Will be back soon with a new story!


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