Our Dinner Experience at Amvrosia Restaurant in Bansko

As I have already told you in my related post “Weekend Getaway at Premier Luxury Mountain Resort in Bansko, Bulgaria”, if you want to dine in style in Bansko, you have to try Amvrosia Restaurant!
You can find this awarded restaurant at the Premier Luxury Mountain Resort, just 700 meters away from the ski lift and I promise you will be delighted with their delicious dishes: salads, cold & hot appetizers, soups, meat & fish main dishes, prime cuts and desserts!

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24 hours in Paris

Our short getaway in Amsterdam, also gave us the opportunity to visit Paris for 24 hours. Since we had to check all of Paris highlights in so little time, I guess this short guide will come in handy for everyone who has the capital of France on the list!

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Mimosas on the Beach

Colorful cocktails & sandy white beaches will always be the perfect match, don’t you agree? As a plus, it is never too early for a mimosa in your holiday! 

Tea in Sri Lanka

Old Ceylon is like heaven for tea lovers and Theva Residency offered us the best view over the Kandy hills to relax and enjoy a cup of delicious tea

Champagne in the Maldives

What better way to celebrate another Bucketlist Experience than by drinking a glass of Champagne in the jacuzzi of your own overwater bungalow?


We will never forget that magical view we had for breakfast at the beautiful Grand Hotel Imperiale Como in May 2018


Kong Arthur Hotel surprised us with an experience of the region and quality ingredients from the Nordic Cuisine 

Sri Lanka

You cannot beat an ocean view for the first meal of the day, especially when it takes place on your own balcony at KK Beach


If you have been following along, You already now I cannot imagine life without Sushi.My latest crush was in Copehagen, but I have been to some amazing Sushi places around the World and the list gets frequently updated. 

Pizza Lover


Italy is my favorite European Country and that amazing Pizza sure is one of the reasons. We found pizza gems all over the country, but in our latest Italian getaway we discovered a little Pizza place in Bergamo Citta and fell in love with it. 

Pasta Freak


As you can already imagine, Italy won the Pasta Prize too. Hard to say one city or place for the yummiest pasta since I have so many favorites:  Spaghetti Carbonara in Taormina and Como, Truffle Pasta in Rome, Lasagna in Milan,etc.

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